Batman V Superman

BvS Review: As long as you rated man of steel 6.5 or higher and you think The Dark Knight Returns is a great ■■■■■■■ comic book you’ll like it. It’s a little busy, and there are quite a few things they could have done to make it better, but still a great movie.

I’m breaking the spoiler rule on the next part, so if you’re hyper about not knowing anything going in, don’t read any further. However, what I’m spoiling is very small in the movie (its literally a geography fact about the movie DCU), and I’m just telling you so when you see it you don’t throw ■■■■ at the screen.

In the movie DCU, Gotham and Metropolis are apparently like the twin ■■■■■■■ cities. Like seriously. They’re separated by a ■■■■■■■ river.


I actually liked Man of Steel despite people griping about [MAJOR Spoiler for Man of Steel so don’t view if you haven’t seen yet but plan to] Superman killing General Zod and generally like the Batman comics and the 3 most recent Batman movies. Do you think Ben Affleck did a good job as Batman (in comparison to Christian Bale) and also what was your impression of Wonder Woman (Gal Gadot)? From what I heard, a Wonder Woman movie is currently being filmed starring Gal Gadot as Wonder Woman. Although I like the Wonder Woman character (as least in the Justice League comic), I am not sure how well a standalone Wonder Woman movie would do commercially. TBH, I was kinda hoping for the Batman V Superman movie to lead to a Justice League movie, since Wonder Woman is also in the movie. I just hope we don’t get a standalone Aquaman movie.

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Well, it’s supposed to be like a baby justice league movie, really (Dawn of Justice and What Not).

If you like frank millers “the goddamn batman” then you will love affleck in this. More than that he plays a very complete bruce wayne, probably the likes of which we’ve not seen since Keaton’s day. I don’t really like to compare to bale because bale was pretty much playing post-crisis batman 24/7. I’d need to see more of Affleck’s bat as well, but regardless, he did very very well.

Wonder woman is very nicely played, but underdone, honestly. I’d say her total screen time amounts to… maybe 10-12 minutes, but Gal does a great job with what character is offered. I wont spoil anything this early, but they gave us at least a hint as to what might show up in her origin movie, and if it is what shows up on the movie, Ill be there with bells on.

My only real confusion is all the people saying that WW “stole the show” during the movie. She was there. She was played well. She did wonder womany things… but I don’t know what movie those people were watching.


Don’t bring your kids until you’re comfortable letting them read DKR.

Just a thought.

I wanna preface this by saying I respect your opinion and I’m glad you were able to get some enjoyment out of the movie. I actually envy you a little bit. This isn’t a jab on your opinion or anything. I just really, really hated the film. Take the following as just a comic book/film geek’s rant to blow off some steam…

I love The Dark Knight Returns and I think this movie butchered everything it took from it. What a giant mess. Inept in every way. Nothing makes sense in the script, the characters have no motivation whatsoever (other than maybe Batman), it’s dull and nihilistic, full of unintentionally hilarious moments, it shows a complete misunderstanding of the characters and the comics and it’s atrociously put together (I refuse to use the word “edited”… There was no actual editing in this movie). If I had to say anything good about it, I’d say Affleck is alright as Batman (Just alright… Not the second coming of Keaton or anything) and Wonder Woman was pretty great, but they do some very questionable stuff with Batman’s character and Wonder Woman is completely irrelevant. You can cut her right out of the film and it wouldn’t make any difference. Actually, you could cut a lot of things out of the film and it wouldn’t make any difference. It’s so bad I was shaking my head in disbelief while watching it.

Well, at least you apparently get how I felt watching Jurassic World.

No one I’ve talked to so far has flat out hated it, but yours sounds almost word for word like a lot of the early critic reviews that came out.

I also didn’t like Jurassic World. At least we agree about that one and also about the Walking Dead.

This is one particular case I think the critics were right on the money.

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I was going to write a very long rant here but I couldn’t be bothered.

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Jurassic World is the first movie I damn near walked out on. Really glad me and my friend have allies.

Yeah, its why I didn’t raise a rebuttal. It’s really hard to go against “I hated literally every thing”. But yeah, just about everyone in my friends group who saw it gave it at least a 6.8. Average is probably a 7.2.

Not great, but not horrible.

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I felt like ranting now,

The intro was just off, the child actor was horrible and showed no emotion.

The dream bit was kind of cool though but the kid ruined it.

The rest of the story was just meh, they tried to press so mutch into the movie to compete with marvel and it all feel apart.
The fight sceens was sick though.

Let’s talk about characters.
Superman was pretty interesting in this movie and the sideplot with his dad was well thought out.
Batman was cool… but dumb.
He makes so many bad and stupid desicions, what happend to the worlds greatest detective?
Also he kills guys left and right… kind of missing the point there.
Maybe something happened during the 20 years that made him kill people, maybe it has something with the Joker icing Robin.
But we don’t know because there’s no other movie so it’s just dumb.
The suit was great though and the voice was just perfect.
Alfred was cool.
Lex Luthor tried to be the Joker and his plans made no sence…
I hated him.

The peach tea sceen was good though, suprised me, but agian didn’t feel like Lex.

He would have been a good character if it wasn’t Lex Luthor.
Lois did tried to do things but then later she did nothing but get in danger, sigh…


Wonder women was awesome, she used all her stuff.
The damn commando lunge was hillarius.

Random stuff

No one is dumb enough to think superman killed people in africa… WITH GUNS

They killed off Superman, YOU ■■■■■■■ IDIOTS.

There will be no stakes in the new Superman movies now, oh will Superman be killed by Braniac?

no he won’t because he allready died and got resurrected


That’s all for now

Im only halfway through that and I just started a new drunk SMRPG playthrough, so I probably wont comment tonight. Maybe next week at work.

tl:dr I hate the movie a lot

The jist was clear. I disagree, at least on several of the points above, but I think yours are more arguable than Gutz’, which I see as legit conerns, just as more of a “forest v trees” kind of thing. Thinking in reverse, he could say the same. But whatevs.

Edit: The point is I’m too drunk to write a coherent rant.