Battelborn disappears from the taskbar so I have to restart it via End Process

And it happens all the time when I’m queueing. Basically I need to have the game open and can never do anything else, like change the volume or other things or generally use my computer, because then I can never reenter the game… it doesn’t show up on the task bar nor the list in the task manager.

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The game is sometimes not friendly to tabbing out
Also don´t know how to fix it so i just accept it XD

I’m assuming you’re on Windows 10 (and I believe 8 also has the problem)? By any chance, did you install the Anniversary update? Because before that, I had no problem alt+tab’ing out of game and back in. After that update, it happens with a few games running in exclusive mode. (aka full screen). The only solution right now is to play in borderless windowed mode. You can alt+tab to your heart’s content.
The performance hit isn’t really noticeable but it’s there. This will be a Microsoft thing to fix; nothing GB can really do about it.

Same for me and friends. Borderless-windowed works for now, though I’d rather be able to use fullscreen. Running the game in win7 compatibility mode doesn’t help either. It’s frustrating.

The game also seems to automatically switch to borderless-windowed when restarted.

Same with me. I just play borderless windowed now

Battleborn is not the only game with this shenanigans, it seems the issue is with some hardware/software configurations. For now, like answered before, borderless windowed is your only way to circumvent it.

Nope, I’m on Windows 7.

Borderless window would be nice, but it’s actually creates other problems since I have a 16:10 screen. 16:10 will crop stuff off, nor is it really supported by most game recording programs. It’s either bordered 1080p, or fullscreen 1080p, but when then I get the bug.