Battkeborn Fan character Eldrid

Thanks for the translation by Rosianna and tastyCyanide.
Just for fan.

Faction: Eldrid
Name: Myandash
Prefiguration: Fawn Bambi; satyr; suddenly Sailor Moon
History: Myandash is simple wooden satyr, who has lost all his family when his home star the world has turned into nothing. Now he is to constantly traveling with his faction to survive in this diverse world. Well, you have to be alive at the same time a self-propelled tank-ram, but these are details.
Characteristics: Health 5/5; Strength 3/5; Range 1/5; Speed 4/5
Lightweight Attack (LMB) and increased attack (RMB).
LMB - a series of fast, but not very powerful punches huge paws.
RMB - slow, but pretty strong punches on the area.

Random phrase: “Moon prism, give them the soup!” or “I am a sailor Venerus!” or “Where are you, Tuxedo masked?” or “I’m Sailor Senshi!” or “I am a knight without roses!” or “I am retribution in the name of laziness!”

1 «Kick me with pleasure»
Myandash commits kicks. He gets on his hands and attacks a random opponent in his surroundings.

The phrase: with a heavy breath “I’m not a horse!”

2 «Four-wheel drive deer»
Myandash rams opponents with his horns like a real fake deer. And they either fly somewhere with delayed damage until the fall, or they become very painfully here and now, if too stall and fat.

The phrase: quickly “Vroom Vroom-VRUUUM!”

3 «Roses as red as blood»
Hitting the ground with his huge hands Myandash provokes the growth of beautiful, but thorny roses. The radius of growth is limited to 10 meters. Action skill’s detailes: instant use and cooldown 15 sec.

The phrase: sadly “What an elegant death”

4 «I am Brutus»
Ent can help Myandash.
Ent is not always friendly to Myandash.
Ent is just not friendly.
Ent is always moody.
Ent is always badass.
If you level up enough you can summon the whole bunch of ents.

All Ents have “Bloody harvest” ability.
The Ents land straight from the space. Arrive as cocoons.
“Bloody harvest”
Ent punches the enemy really hard at the same time piercing enemy’s chest/head/etc. After that he throws wounded enemy towards another one. If the enemy cannot be trown, the damage is dealt, which is equal the “Bloody harvest”'s basic damage.

The phrase: snobbush and pompous “YOU. SHALL. NOT. PASS”

Passive «You can’t make an omelette without breaking eggs»
Damage dealt to Myandash returns to the enemy with N% chance. Damage dealt to enemy is always less than 100%.
Passive «Sting like a butterfly»
Decreases cooldown of abilities. Skill is active while attacking.

«Dad-stag proud of me» - after the dam boss, hugo boss, mini-boss.
with wheezing «Dry up» or «Wither» or «I’m going to sign the fireplace» - when dying.
playfully «Can exchange fireflies?» - the appearance player in the team.
whispers rustling «Dust to dust, ashes to ashes» or «Whispering leaves of your death» - the murder of another player.

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