Battle born is better in beta then it is in full version

I’ve notice more problems from full version then in the beta this game has somehow went from a skill based game into a game where who has the more broke team composition because of bad overall balancing in general


sadly i agree. i went from thinking this was the best pvp game ever made in the test, to thinking it was still incredibly good in the beta, to wishing i had never even really bought the game. that is a major emotional roller coaster for someone who invests quite a bit of my time and emotions into games. still have my moments in this game, but wow, what a huge disappointment. i literally did not think there was a chance this could happen

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Can you share these supposedly broken team compositions?

gali + support

Gali is already being addressed for balancing.


Galliea,isic,1 of the two healer choices,either orendi or Oscar mike ,then the fifth isent Evan required unless fighting the same team

What about balancing specifically has gotten worse? Everything that is considered broken now was just as if not more broken in the beta. I fail to see how this game after release has gotten worse than in the beta.

@freddyfasthands Galilea is currently weaker than she was in beta


In beta all heroes had a counter for instants galil had to contend vs abra for the win so did many other charters now seems they lowered charters base damage instead of it being based on skill it now is based on which character has the better skills because making it impossible to kill charters without either it being 1 vrs multiple players or who has the stun/ any other ability to stop damage so most characters with thus base damage skills have became obsolete

fair point. from an overall perspective, in the test there was a strong phoebe. not as strong as gali currently is even after two nerfs, but there was at least that. rath’s kit was slightly better with a blind, but his ult wasn’t quite what it is now, but it is negated by gali’s silence pull anyway. ambra was a great counter as well in the beta, and el dragon was a hot mess as well. the beta was more of a mess than the test, but at least there were options. now in the full game it is JUST gali. in an evenly skilled match, if you dont run her, you lose. the game should never be that way. especially when her kit puts her in tank category, assassin category, support category, and the best cc the game has ever seen x3

Can´t we just agree that nothing in this universe is perfect in any state of being, since perfection is an ideal concept?
The game is good. It has flaws. Like almost, no, truly everything in life has flaws.


im fully aware of this. i dont think anyone is unclear about that. i have done some research into this hotfix/patch situation. in the test they were able to manipulate phoebe’s stun and the way bladerush operated in regards to the stun, all through hotfix. some gear was completely disabled during the both the test and the beta. disabling galilea’s mutations is something that could be done through a hotfix, or at the very least, the stun shortened to as much as a zero value. nerfing her melee dmg a minuscule amount was not even a temporary solution. that is why you are witnessing quite a bit of frustration about the situation.

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I don’t see how ambra countered galilea. She may have been just as OP as galilea at one point, but I don’t see how she was a reliable counter. Base damage has only really been lowered on ghalt, galilea, and ambra. I haven’t heard of any across the board auto attack damage nerf. Caldarius, in fact got a damage increase. A few characters have had a health decrease thus making it easier to kill them. You don’t need to win every one vs. one encounter anyway, if you force someone to run away you have taken them out of the fight, the same result as killing them. Use of skills is one of the components of skill in this game, every character has them and I will admit that galilea’s offer the best CC but they all have uses.

@freddyfasthands Interesting, so what your saying is gali was OP but so were other chars, so you had a choice on how you wanted to go about being OP.

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I like how 3 of the 5 you mentioned have already gotten nerfs and will recieve more nerfs in the next week or so.

It’s almost like gearbox has data and knows how to respond to it.



That’s great. The game came out over 2 weeks ago now. Galilea utterly breaks the entire balance of the game to where the team that has her will win. Both teams HAVE to pick Galilea or risk a swift loss. That is gamebreaking.

So asking someone to share one of the broken team compositions, then when they do, you simply say it’s being fixed it a bit ridiculous mate. You just acknowledged it is broken. That’s the problem. What happens in at an unknown future date isn’t what anyone is talking about here.

Ambra use to be able to place 3 fireballs at a time now she can only place 1 the fireballs amplified here damage bye 15% based on per 1 so in general she lost 30% damage in total thus there not including other stuff as well while all galil got was a base damage decrease and still gets to keep her stun so the only way to counter her now seens there is no dps strong anuff to knock her back she has free rain unless all her teams die accept her so it is now instead of playing the value of 1 character your characters value is 3 members of the team

I´m not deep into the PvP, but in my 4 PvP-matches so far I encountert 3 different Gal´s and they got less kills and damage than Orendi(me) while they had least lv.4 or lv.8 Gals (skin) and even PvP-titles.

Could just be my luck or she is not as gamebreaking as most want to believe.

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Yes but gearbox has never really made games where they had to nerf before maby slightly tweek but never actually fully change there games so that’s the current problem instead of getting a finished product we got somthing that will take a long time to actually fix wich they said they already had balanced bye releasing the game so keep on saying they are fixing it every time they have fixed it they don’t fix the problems other characters would cause

We dident thus call her out we also said galil and heal



Now you’re just over exaggerating. Yes, she is overtuned. No she does not ‘auto-win’ a game. I’ve lost to teams that had her, but then I’ve also beaten teams that have her. Calm down.

And do note the keyword of ‘these’. It means I’m asking for more than one. If only one is provided and its simply based on Gali, then I see no further reason to worry since Gali is being worked on. No reason to get your ‘panties in a bunch’ over it when she’s going to receive balance changes in the up coming patch.

So that means it isn’t ridiculous to answer the way I did. Especially when the only comp they could name was one supposedly focused around her. Which in all honestly is quite terrible. Despite how overtuned she is, Gali has no answer outside of her ultimate for being slowed. You would be amazed how worthless Gali is when she’s constantly slowed by people.