Battle born vehicles?

Any chance of a battle born multiplayer map with vehicles?

Side note: little or no news lately… Any development problems?



Still here. Still working as feverishly as ever!

Vehicles aren’t really a focus right now. Not going to say never, but really, our first priority is to be sure that the Battleborn-level combat is a good as we can swing it. Also, can you imagine a vehicle that would accomodate both Miko and Montana? That’d be … crazy.


I just want to say, it’s awesome that you responded to me so soon. Respect.

I’m glad to hear battle born is still happening :slight_smile: looking forward to it!

Also, I’ve posted about this before, but I’m really interested in the looting aspect of the game that was previously hinted at, but no one has responded to the thread in a while… Any feature announcements coming soon?? I’d love some more steady battleborn news!

I know that this Question is Being asked Quite offen but i have to Do it: When can we Expect to See some New gameplay? The Co-OP walkthrough was uploaded a half year ago so there Are Maybe some changes or anything? Im just Hyped for Battleborn, Sorry ;(

Yeah Im with him on that one. We really like battleborn. It would be awesome to get even a drip-feed of some more info on a regular basis… hopefully the project isn’t “backburnered”

e3 is soon(ish) I assume it will be showed there. And it’s still coming out 2015, right? @Jythri right?!?!?!

I’m hoping so. Battleborn’s one of the few games I’m looking forward to. The walkthrough video isn’t enough to keep me over anymore. Come on Gearbox I need my fix!

It won’t be the first game that shows up on E3 and releases later that year.
I thought PR starts around 6 months before launch.

Good questions all, and I sure do appreciate your patience.

There’s not a lot I can say right now except that we are certainly NOT backburnered by any stretch of the imagination. LIke I mentioned a couple of months back, we haven’t said a lot for some time because we’ve been focused on making the game. Sounds like a cop out, I know. :slight_smile:

When we start back up with information, there should be a LOT more for you guys.

Awesome sauce :slight_smile: looking forward to it!! You guys do a great job!

Never apologize for being hyped about our game! I LOVE it!

I’m trying really hard not to make promises of information to you guys that I can’t keep. Armed Marketing minions patrol the office these days, and I’ve got to be careful not to draw their fire.

You can imagine, though, that there are summer events where you hear a lot about game. You could probably maybe expect us to say something then. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: Hopefully, lots and lots of somethings.

What I can’t WAIT for is to start playing with you guys. I still don’t know when that date is, precisely, but it will probably be both sooner than we expect and farther away than we want.

At least Battleborn is Alive! Im so Hyped right now!


One more reason to look forward to E3 (and maybe Gamescon too?). :hourglass_flowing_sand: :sunglasses:

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Not going to lie… i hope there aren’t any offensive vehicles in Battleborn.

Wouldn’t mind a speedy hover bike or something to get around though!!

I hope there is a game mode with vehicles- maybe a straight deathmatch mode where the MOBA elements disappear. That would be the place for offensive vehicles. Also yeah a personal vehicle (the concept of Destiny’s sparrow) would be super cool… maybe even customized for each character? that might be a cool addition

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Just cant imagine Montana on a personal speedy vehicle XD

I totally can, maybe his own personal version… i think that would be an INSANELY cool addition to the game… lots of FPS’s have mounts/vehicles, and lots of MOBAS have personalized ones…

Imagine a special Montana mount/vehicle. I mean his head is already tiny compared to his body, so disproportionate stuff isn’t going to break the character or the lore necessarily… id love to see montana in either one of these…

The first and the last one are if they’re going for humorous, the others I honestly think would be cool prototypes/examples to follow. Anything is possible, and there’s really no reason not to do something even just because it’s cool unless it breaks some other area of gameplay… I WANNA SEE IT SO BAD!!

yeah i guess with the humorous side of things it would be funny to see him on a tiny hover bike XD

Ok has anyone seen the new Paladins gameplay?.. I think battleborn looks so much better, but the mounts are a REALLY cool addition, and that’s the kind of thing I would want to see in battleborn… Surely each unique character would have a cool mount from their planet??? I’d pay for it as dlc!!

In the first few second u can see the horse one guy is riding.