Battle Buddies (Bringing back old friends)

(Hoping the devs might see this as I think it could be a really cool idea)

Had this idea similar to garrison followers from WoW, where after you complete a characters quest line (assuming each of our old friends has some sort of interaction in BL3) we can have them accompany us as ally NPCs to other planets.

For example, I finish helping Maya on Athenas. Rather than just standing around being an NPC, she could instead come with our character and help do stuff. Same for all our old vault hunter friends/characters. Mordecai, Brick, Axton, Salvador, etc etc. Maybe even some npc’s like Tina, Ellie, Pickle, Janey, etc.

Maya could use Phase Lock, Axton could throw out his turret, Zer0 could 1-shot adds, Brick could go berserk and mordecai could send out talon. etc etc.

Bonus round: Legacy power.

to compound on this idea, what if BL3 scanned for past save data in past borderlands games and would “power up” your battle buddy based on what skill tree and weapons they had on your old save?

For example my Maya would have certain “noteworthy” skills like Rez, Convergence, Ruin, Blight Phoenix, Cloud kill. Etc.

Axton could throw out 2 turrets that have shields and fire slag bullets and rockets.

I could go on, but I think the idea is really really cool. Criticism or other ideas are welcome. Just really hoping to see something like this in game, to help bring back more life to our old favorites.

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But can we also get a cute penguin piloting a mech he built himself?