Battle Damage possible bug

Hey Guys,

not sure but i think I found a minor bug. Please correct me if I’m wrong, but isn’t the visible battle damage on ships suppose to disappear if the ship is fully repaired? At least for the Taiidan it doesn’t disappear. Not sure about the other Races though.

Greetings from Flo

Nah this is totally a feature. It is even maintained on captured ships :smiley:

The options are in the video options screen, under battle scars.

Can be turned on or off, and set to varying ship size limits to save GPU.

I am not 100% sure the answer is ‘fully’. In that, I know when a ship is healed some attempt to ‘consume’ damage scars occurs. The way it works is sorta odd, and does generally lead to a mostly clear hull. I’ll add it to my list to check out - a ‘near death’ ship with scars should look way, way messier than a fully-repaired version of the same ship - which should be entirely clean, or very nearly so.

Are you seeing any scars disappear during healing?

I’m not sure. I just realized that, after my Taiidan Carrier got attacked by some bombers and received some scars at some glowing parts near the hangar exit. It was not heavy damage so it took nearly no time to repair itself. The scars although didn’t disappear.

It’s hard to tell if some scars disappear. I will observe that in my next battle :smile:.

Thank you for your time. I greatly appreciate it.

I’d like to keep dem Scars after repairing. They look kewl.

I wouldn’t mind if this was somewhat configurable/moddable. It’d be nice to have fully-healed ships still be a bit scuffed up in my opinion.

I just finished a match as Hiiganer. Some scarves do disappear during healing and some stay. If it’s meant to be like this thats great. Just wanted to be sure if its a bug or a feature :smile: