Battle for Best Mod is not working

(Currahee) #1

Hello everyone!

So I got Hell’s Highway for the PC and decided to put the Battle for Best mod in it to try it out. So I’ve done everything that Pooky ask me to do on the ReadMe file and yet it is still not working.
(I’m not even entirely sure since my Windows 10 laptop don’t even have an insert key but I’m winging it).

Can someone tell me how to fix this? Thanks a lot.

(Le Yuno) #2

I’m Pooky (old username). Sorry I didn’t see this before. There is no need to specifically use an insert key to open the console ingame. You need to assign a key on your keyboard, and I used insert as an example. You can just as well use the letter p if that suits you.

It’s not a mod but just a map, and a map you need to load through the console. If you didn’t set a key to open the console, then you can’t load the map. Simple :slight_smile:

(Currahee) #3

Ok, thanks!

(LeYuno) #4

no worries. Just between you and me, I kinda started working on a new map. No info just yet, but I’ll see how far I get with it.