Battle Music: What do you game (or whatever) to?

Before anyone claims redundancy, we do have a battle song thread for each of the Vault Hunters in “Borderlands 2”, but I’ve been suggesting for the longest time of unifying them under one umbrella since they all address the same darn thing. So, here we go…

The Charge:

David vs. Goliath (like vs. the Empyrean Sentinel):

Lindsey Sterling- The Arena, is a good speed run/ Raids song

Relatively few games have in-game music that I enjoy enough to leave on during play (American McGee’s Alice and F.E.A.R., for example), but Borderlands 2 has such good in-game music that I never even consider playing something else.

That said, at the moment, I’d consider this song as a substitute:

The only time I’ll play other music while gaming is during driving games like Gran Turismo.

But since this is a battle music thread, here is a boss battle theme I really enjoyed:

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Driving games also apply as you technically doing battle…kinda. Like this one God I found (will retro link in later):

That feels like cheating. :acmlol:

Please be Raiden.


F**ing exhausted from work today. Checked it only a half-hour later, but I only remember the first half…

Thinking back, what I meant to post was a GMV featuring “Yellow line” from the anime movie “Redline”:

Thinking about it, all of what I put on to get me hyped for fighting(usually Dark Souls) is from older anime.

and then for the times when it’s down to the wire and I need that little extra bit of focus

ok i’m actually getting emotional listening to that last one

Another favorite:

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Here are some of my favorites:

(It really depends on what game I’m playing.)

Now adding…:

Krieg’s mitherfucking theme album of course. I swear its like it was written for him.


While patrolling the Dreadnaught in “Destiny”…:

When fighting Oryx in “Destiny: Regicide”…:

EDIT: Mute the Oryx fight while playing “Spectrum”.

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