Battle of the suck: Matched Set vs. Scrappy

I don’t think either of these skills are the greatest but I need to spend 2 points somewhere and it needs to be in one of these. I think if you happen to have a lot of matched items already this is a no brainer but for someone who either doesn’t have matching stuff (or very little) and/or expects to be changing around stuff until settled on something more permanent…which of these skills is the better spot for 2 lonely skill points?

ATM I have one point in each but I’m leaning towards maybe 2 into matched set? Thoughts?

Moze hyperion build makes good use of matched set but if you’re not matching I would just go scrappy


If you don’t have matching stuff I would put the two points in Scrappy. Matched set can be good. I have a all Hyperion or Maliwan build that can be fun.

Quick question. Why two points? What is your build?


I like the bonuses you get from Scrappy, but I hate that you only get them while moving.

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I was thinking about doing a Malian build w moze focused around tsunami/trevonator… what do you run on your Malian build?

I don’t have a tsunami but I use a Devoted, Westergun, and trevonator. Depends on the rest of the build. I still haven’t found my main build fke Moze yet. Too much to choose from.


Yea I feel the same. She definitely has a few options. It’s too bad most people think she sucks because they cant just spam the hex anymore

You should try the tsunami though. It’s pretty good on moze. And if you get a cryo/radiation anointment you can hit for all elements except one without ever swapping. Throw in short fuse and you add explosions into the mix


Not a specific build. Initially I was going by some YT build based around IB but I decided I didn’t much like IB so decided instead to just get Bottomless Mags capstone and then focus the rest of my points in boosting my shields and Moze damage. I only use IB as an ohsh!t button or to finish off a boss etc… I’m using a transformer shield, deathless artifact and a bloodletter mod that gives these added bonuses:
+2 TRL to give me 5/3
+2 Desperate Measures to give me 4/3
+1 Phalanx Doctrine to give me 2/5

This is my build atm:

I don’t use IB either but Some for the Road is a pretty good skill for bosses or any other large big target. If you don’t match sets then don’t worry about matching set. But it is good if you use it. More mag means faster Regen. I can kill Graveward with just a butcher in 3-6 seconds depending on modifiers. Not sure about click click. Not a fan.

I love that skill. Ever since i were sent a DPRedline with unlimited ammo after IB i wanted it on all my guns. It one of those skills that is always useful to me. Great when i just want to clear an area asap and don’t feel like fighting them the normal way… whip out my 125% scourge and spread out 5 quick shots and everything is basically dead.

Matching set is cool too, fits my playstyle pretty well and i enjoy making themed builds. 3x faisor and an ogre for normal mobbing and DP thorns, DP devaststor, flakker and scoruge for slaughter house.

I’m looking for some fun options for maliwan, hyperion and atlas setups, anyone has suggestions?

Build i currently use the most.

For Hyperion you can use the Butcher and any other Hyperion weapon. The Butcher regens ammo sometimes so get mag increases and Forge and you’ll never need to reload. Works best with a BM/SoR build you can down Graveward in 3-6 seconds with just the Butcher or use it for mobbing.

Maliwan has several options. If you are using a no splash build, same as the Butcher build, you can spam the Devoted and let the 17rps just rip. If your are using a splash build the Westergun and Trevonator never need to reload with a BM/DW build.

Can also fill any Maliwan or Hyperion options to get a set. Like the Projectile Recursion for Maliwan or the Bitch for Hyperion. Hyperion you can also try to match the shield and grenade.

Now there’s a thought… butcher build, that might be fun as hell and i have pretty solid bloodletter for shotguns… hmm yeah, might have to give that a try!

The projectile recursion is another gun i wanted to make a proper build around on moze, seems so powerful on it own. The devoted is a gun i always passed on because lack of splash and i’ve been lovin blast master to much, might give that one a fair try aswell. Thanks for the tips!

Your going to pick and choose between the two depending on weapon type. Matched set is insane for cov weapons and bottomless mags builds. Scrappy is great if you weapon swap all the time or have a horribly inaccurate weapon.

I didn’t put a point in Some for the Road. I just don’t use IB very often and because I don’t put points into anything that makes it better I’m not sure it’s worth it to waste time dealing with the clunky “get in and out IB” mechanic just for a few seconds of infinite ammo when I already have huge magazines and ammo regen working pretty well from other skills.

I actually put 3 points into matched set and even though it’s not great I think it’s more effective since it’s always working than having to use IB for a temp effect. You do have to use same weapons to make it work well but that’s been working fine for me as I just carry around 4-5 weapons from a couple manufacturers that work with my build so I can switch things up if I want.

I’m not sure if you noticed, but you have a point in specialist bear. “Iron Bear deals increased damage when its weapons match” isn’t very useful to you, I’d think…

I’m also kind of curious why you didn’t take Experimental Munitions (10% fire on crit)? It’s a pretty hefty buff for one point.

Personally, I would ditch Click Click and specialist bear, max out matched set and put a point in Rushin’ Offensive. RO makes everything feel snappier. Not only can you sprint while shooting, immediately after firing you can begin sprinting. Usually this is only an issue with slower weapons, but I still find it nice to have the option… Click Click is kind of a terrible skill currently, hopefully that changes with the big patch around the 20th, but you need a MASSIVE magazine to even help it add anywhere near the max damage, like 200+ rounds massive. Someone figured it out to getting 18% or less generally, and it just… It just never feels active…

I would also move a point or two from Vladof Ingenuity into experimental munitions and desperate measures. You have Force Feedback, so the faster you kill, the more often you’re recharging!

But that’s just me…

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Matched set is freaking powefull, and scrappy is just fine, i dont understand the hate, seriously.

With matched set, if you want, you can achieve INSANE magazine sizes, so big you dont even require the bottomless mags capstone to sustain constant fire with vladoof assault rifles, just redistribution is more than enough. That alone is quite powerfull. And scrappy is quality of life, its up to you if you need it or not, but the perk is fine.

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Thanks for the suggestions. I used to have experimental munitions but decided to maximize shield skills over that skill. It’s nice but since I generally don’t use IB I wanted to boost my shields as much as possible.

I did at one point have specialist bear mostly just to get farther in the tree but it also helped a little when I needed to use IB for defensive purposes or to finish off a boss. More recently I have moved that point into matched set.

Click click was mostly just to get to the capstone as I didn’t like the other options. That’s interesting about the 200 rounds thing. I don’t think I even understand that. Why would bigger magazines even help that? The skill does more damage the more empty her magazines are so I would think smaller magazines would mean you would be closer to empty more often than if you had bigger ones?

RO just doesn’t look that good to me. I mean it doesn’t look bad to have but personally I would rather have more ammo or damage or shields. I actually don’t have FF so not sure why you said that. I did try FF once but it didn’t seem that great and I’m close to getting the guardian rank version anyway. My impression was that an added point into Phalanx Doctrine was better than FF so I did that instead.

I actually made a couple other changes as well…I removed 1 point in TRL and added 1 point in behind the curtain but I may move that point back to TRL or experimental munitions because I’m not sure it’s doing much.

My actual build now is this:
Also, keep in mind that my mod gives me +2 TRL giving me 3/3 and +2 Desperate Measures giving me 5/3 and +1 Phalanx Doctrine giving me 3/5.

edit I also wanted to point out that I have come around to liking matched set more than when I made this thread. It helps that I have found more DAHL weapons so now I have a good enough assortment to go 100% DAHL regardless of modifiers which I couldn’t do before. I’m working on TVHM playthrough on M3 and so far not having much difficulty with anything.

Yeah, I have grown to like matched set more now that I have a better assortment of matched weapons such that I can be viable regardless of modifiers. I only have 3/5 atm but that’s an interesting concept that 5/5 matched set might make the capstone ability not required. I think I may actually try that because there are some skill points in that tree I would rather spend on phalanx doctrine instead. Thanks for the suggestion.

This is the build you initially posted that I was basing everything off of:

Unless there’s another Sidartha posting in here >.>

As for Click Click, the higher your magazine count the closer you can get to the perfect “maximum” bonus, as that last round comprises less and less of your magazine. That much works on paper, but with 36% maximum buff (I think?), and a 4 round pistol, you would expect a 27% damage buff (36/4, pretty simple) right? Instead it gives you something like sub 10%…? It’s a very weirdly scaling ability…

That aside, even if we go with maximum bonus of 36%, it has to contend with an 85% boost for 3 points (plus the com, in desperate measures) and a 60% boost in Drowning in Brass, which are either always up, or very easy to keep up…

Where are you getting these numbers from? A 4 round pistol will get 0%, 25%, 50% and 75% of Click, Clicks buff. So at 3/3 that translates to 0%, 9%, 18% and 27%.