Battle pass... is this a joke?

With the game being in such ■■■■ condition from frame rate and graphical performance to enemies glitching through walls and awful balancing i think its really disgusting and disappointing that gearbox is really trying to get more money for the unfinished and almost unenjoyable experience of bl3. Theres so many issues with the game no one is gonna pay for your stupid battle pass knock off of everyone elses game. If this gets pushed out im afraid no one will want to touch the game and i personally am already pissed that i preorderd the game with the season pass. Its to late for a refund but iv been playing since launch and iv loved the game until they started nerfing items when the game barley ran… i was expecting and hoping a smarter approach to this game then apex who also lost most its players after its opening months. Any non season pass content at this point should be free to everyone for being patient enough to keep playing this game.

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