Battle plan shift code not working?

Title. Anyone else have problems with it? I’ve checked it multiple times and I entered in exactly what is posted on the battle plan, someone please help I want those gold skins lol

What are Battleplan gold skins? :open_mouth:

I’m pretty sure that code expired on May 4rth (day after release) Don’t quote me on that however.

@reliikki they released there first newsletter, I just logged in and there was a pop up with the Info, it took me to there website and it was a newsletter. Gearbox issued challenges during the beta and the community completed them, they released golden skins for isic, Benedict and Shane & aurox via shift code. But I can’t get the code to work. I played the beta but uninstalled it after it was over, to free space obviously. I hope that’s not why it isn’t working…

@Jordangold527 the newsletter with the code in it was just released today tho… It says the code is useable once but is still active for a while longer

From what I have seen with this code is that something may be bugged about it because I had to insert the code in a few times before it worked, but yes the code is still valid it just requires more uses.

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I’d suggest that then. Shift can have issues sometimes.

You have to enter it in a few times for it to work. It took me about 4 tries. From what I’ve read it has something to do with how many people are trying to enter it at the same time, but I could be waaaaaaay off on this.

@vardren232 @Jordangold527
I’ve tried to 4 times do far, upper case and lower case , rechecked that I had the correct sequence of numbers and letters multiple times. Guess I’ll keep trying …

The first time I tried Shift said it had timed out or something. It should be all caps. Try it a couple more times. It should work. Shift is just kinda janky.

Sorry, but the code you have entered cannot be redeemed. This is all I keep getting, typed in code in all caps 6 times…
I guess I’m not deserving of sweet lewtz :frowning:

Ok so apparently it does work you seriously just have to spam the crap out of it! It took me like 10+ tries to get it to work, all caps by the way

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It’s interesting that they don’t work for people immediately, it did for me. Though I redeemed it before Gearbox even released it on the forums/twitter/official site, so maybe @maxageddon is right and it has something to do with how many people are trying to redeem it at the same time?