Battle PS4 July Tournament Rules (Not finalized)

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Battleborn PS4 Mid July weekend tournament
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Disconnects would call for a rematch I’d imagine


My understanding is that with the Xbox league, disconnects within the first 3 minutes of the match calls for a restart, but after that the match continues and the player is expected to reconnect as soon as possible.

Will this tournament use that same guideline, or adjust it?

I’m not running this or anything but this is the impression I’m under;

Bring your teams
Meltdown is focused on economy so Incursion
Nihilism for sure that stuff is busted
Yes. El Dragon ult glitching being the most obvious example.
I don’t see this being a problem but if it is I’m sure both teams can restart and swap players or whatevs really not that big of a deal to lose hair over
I believe tardy teams will be drawn and quartered
Yerp just my two cents. I’m not sweating most of this stuff and I doubt Roy is either.


And before anyone asks; Rath’s spin canceling is allowed =b


BM tutor
Anyone that disagrees can be given the address of the nearest asylum.


Not a “Li’l Assbirb!”
Anyone that disagrees can be given the address of the nearest asylum.

I’ve heard that “spinning” invariably leads to “winning”. Is this not so? :smirk:


The rules that are set arent permanent. We can always add or remove some as we get closer to the date. DATE IS July 27-29th yes I beleive having 3 days is ok. But depending on how many show up it might be less. I wil keep everyone update as we get closer to next month.


Incursion, meltdown, and Incursion is the format for regular matches.
2.Semi finals and finals will be best of 7.
3.This is a sensative subject for meltdown: FAT BOTS!
I want to say fat bots are o.k. once the first 10 mins of a match are gone, but i would love to hear people’s feedback. as of now fat bots are NOT banned.
PLAYER DISCONNECTS ARE A CALL FOR REMATCH! for the first time, if it happens again it can be played through.
Im not a fan of honor bans. If any honor bans are put on the table I feel like it needs to be talked about.

Character exploits such as el dragon clothes line glitch, ambra sprint glitch, deande clone glitch will lead to that player being banned from that match and the reat of the series. If there are more let me know.( i also feel like if there is a deande clone gltch which is unententional then the captains can call for a rematch)
Map exploits such as glitching in walls or getting into spots that players cannot encounter player resistance is also banned.
If I missed some please let me know.
3.Oscar Mike’s Level 10 Helix “Holy Crap, Space lasers” is banned. If a player uses this in a match, since it is a level 10 option, that team will forfeit the match.
Orendi’s Level 6 Helix “Nihilisim” is alos banned, since its a level 6 option that player must forfeit the match.

Teams can enter as a pre made 5
1 captain per team, atleast 1 sub. No more than 3 subs.
Iam currently working on another page for team roster and free agents.
Each team must play 1 of their subs for atleast 1 match. (It can be match 1 or match 2.)
Tournamnet Format:
1.I have a random generator for what teams will face each other for round 1.
2.I WOULD LIKE A DOUBLE ELIMINATION TOURNAMENT. (LOSERS BRACKET AND WINNERS BRACKET) but that also depends on how many teams we get. I will keep everyone updated on that.


Legendary gear is banned. If a player uses it they will need to leave the match.
For meltdown all forms of econmy builds are banned, including wrenches, and gear that takes away buildable cost!
For meltdown a max of 3 no cost shard generator for the limit!
For a prize im still thinking on that, but each team member including the subs that played, will recieve a prize.

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Look, I’m not even gonna argue or follow up. I’m just gonna ask “why?”, in case there is some exploit I don’t know about.


Does this include high to reach areas that ISIC, Beny, Mellka etc can get to? They won’t often encounter melee resistance but are still susceptible to range? Just want clarification.


I think the thought behind it is that he can kill the second sentry last minute thus making the previous 29mins of the match being pointless.

This, as I understand is a compromise between the people that want him honour banned and the people that dislike honour bans.

Battleborn PS4 July Tournament (Updated 7-1-2018) | Watch this space for updated information
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Because it is arguably the biggest problem with backdooring, maybe next to ISIC’s ult. Normally, PS4 players do not have a big problem with backdooring, unless it is in the last minute, where Oscar Mike’s space laser is such a problem. Such “wins” are not a real match in the eyes of many, and just an empty, honorless victory at the hands of a single player who snuck behind enemy lines with their cloak, which is not difficult to accomplish by any stretch of the imagination; just L1, triangle and win…

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Areas that nobody gets resistance is what i mean

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Because no matter how many times I say that Space Lasers does the same damage as an air strike, people ignore it.

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Its totally not his ability to do 2.5k in one clip, there’s just so much synergy going on with the character your not going to narrow it down to one thing… But I digress, there are quite a few glitches you didn’t name Roy, namely the ‘double kill thing’ .

Battleborn PS4 July Tournament (Updated 7-1-2018) | Watch this space for updated information
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I hear Mellka isn’t the only one that can do it now

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It’s incredibly easy to predict this though. if the timer is about to run out and you know that said mike has space lasers, then start scouring around the sentry in search of mike and make sure he dies asap. Besides, and correct me if im wrong, the entire duration of a space lasers isn’t enough to fully take down a 2nd sentry shield

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Yeah, you PS idiots. Just send your players back to stop the one character that can solo the sentry for free so the rest will push up and get damage anyways!

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When the timer is low, sure; but Oscar Mike can easily sneak over to the second sentry at any point after the first one goes down, and put a single tick of damage on it, forcing your team to do the same or lose. I have seen plenty of even, heated matches end that way, where all it took to “win” was about two minutes of Oscar Mike’s time.


This^. One of the big problems with Oscar Mike is that he is just as dangerous out of lane as in it; he is essentially a better Pendles who attacks at range.

No, you’re right; it does take an extra ten seconds of Oscar Mike firing his unreasonably strong gun.

Battleborn PS4 July Tournament (Updated 7-1-2018) | Watch this space for updated information
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Well maybe… oh i dunno… stop them from pushing since they’re one down?

This is literally incursion in a nutshell. Mike isn’t the only one that can do this

This isn’t exclusive to mike

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You literally just said send someone back to defend from a mike that may or may not even be there. This is a single lane game and characters like these are pretty much split pushing, a concept widely disliked in three lane games. There is nothing fun about losing a close 30 minute game because 1 character that was overperforming the entire game gets some cheesy last minute play.

Battleborn PS4 July Tournament (Updated 7-1-2018) | Watch this space for updated information
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I find the best way to deal with a back door most of the time is to counter push. They are in a 4v5 and one pick turns it into a 3v5 which let’s you snowball and push sentry. Especially since backdoor threats are usually a teams primary damage dealer.

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Well if the game is about to end, the chances of mike being there, or at least trying to get there, are pretty damn high. Can never be too careful, no?

Yet it’s still a thing because it’s a valid way of winning a game. If you took your eyes off that one dps and allowed him to hit the obj, or couldn’t stop the squishy target shooting the sentry fast enough, then you deserve to lose

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I’d agree with you if he couldn’t go across the entire map while invisible.

(DRKmain) #18

Invisible? Sure. Invincible? No

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But are we in agreement that space lasers isn’t what makes OM a back door threat?