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(DRKmain) #21


(BM tutor) #22

Space lasers is a 23% DPS increase which is only increased more if the more spread out rockets from normal air strike miss. My math may be wrong but I doubt it. You can check my numbers if you’d like. It isn’t the sole reason why he’s good at backdooring, but it definitely is a factor imo.

(Darth Huggles) #23

What does it take to pin an invisible character with 8 seconds of 30% move speed? A reveal, a slow, DPS and a stun?

I’m beginning to lean more toward his kit itself being the problem. Curiously, I agree with every post on the issue so far as long as we list the necessary comp to counter push and outdps Mike OR to catch him without losing lane.

(BM tutor) #24

Also whiskey still does less DPS than Mike even when he’s juggling all his buffs. Just some side info.

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(Not a "Li'l Assbirb!") #25

I was going to type up something more detailed, but this^ pretty much sums it up, haha.

Getting to the sentry unseen and with a movement speed boost? What other ranged DPS can do that? Certainly not ISIC, Whiskey, Toby or any of the other ones I know that can solo a sentry pretty easily…

I’d say it’s a part of it, but definitely not the biggest factor; that’s his high DPS combined with his cloak, more than anything else. Still, while I haven’t run any tests with Space Lasers, doesn’t it put all of his airstrike damage in a concentrated area in a shorter amount of time?

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(roytrujillo12) #26

Yea its a focused burst thats insane, on stream i was full hp and shield and i let them space laser me, shayne died in 1.5 seconds… with a ton of DM… rip

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(roytrujillo12) #27

DR sorry

(DRKmain) #28

No i meant damaging the sentry in a short span. OM really shouldn’t be getting past the entire team to get sentry damage in on his own. And if he is, then that team deserves it for not being attentive enough

(BM tutor) #29

U peeple r so dumb 4 not stopping a hero with 15 secs of invisbility n 30% move sped ^_v

(DRKmain) #30

I guess… aim better? Idk just a suggestion

(Darth Huggles) #31

Well tbf I’m tempted to upload a clip of OM gameplay where I spent (no exaggeration) 45 seconds running circles around an enemy team on monuments. And yes the team was competent and yes I got slowed and stunned repeatedly.

Spoiler; I escaped and did it again. I could’ve easily used air strike on their sentry and dropped a clip or two before my escape but I would’ve felt dirty.

(Not a "Li'l Assbirb!") #32


I’m going to opt out of this debate now, as this^ isn’t a constructive argument, just an ad hominem attack; I honestly don’t know where to go from here. All I can add is that people have a problem with the ease that Oscar Mike has with reaching and soloing a sentry, and I can also say with 100% certainty that many of them are players who you would not want to fight; it’s not a matter of competence or skill at countering him at all, it is a problem with a specific character being able to break a sentry shield and then damage it on their own with significantly more ease than the rest of the roster, because he can reach it faster and with less visibility.

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(The Title Master) #33

I honestly don’t mind lest second backdoors. If your team is losing what are you gonna do at the end, just stand and wait for the game to be over?

It’s all tactical in my opinion.

(dpslothqb) #34

I know your over exaggerating but I’ll bite, space lasers add close to 300 damage as the orginial does 13 instances of damage (close to 280 iirc), space lasers does 7 instances of 550 (again rough numbers, and at one tic per sec), what your saying is impossible and improbable… space lasers really is not his biggest problem as a good oscar will still kill sentry with a decently placed airstrike. You won’t find one thing in his kit that is the problem, maybe the right at 5, that would be the one thing to cut his damage the most.

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(Jennerit Supremacist) #35

So level ten numbers, air strike does 350 per rocket and fires 13 rockets. Space lasers does 700 per second over 6.5 second with two 350 tics per second.

And it does 15 percent bonus to sentries because of the attacker buff

(dpslothqb) #36

I knew I fudged the number pretty bad but I always thought space lasers added an extra ticket of damage, so same damage?

(Jennerit Supremacist) #37

Yeah same damage. I did some testing with nemo a while back. I’ll find the screenshot when I get off work

(Darth Huggles) #38

Nihilism is kinda tactical too

(Not a "Li'l Assbirb!") #39

Same duration though, or is space lasers faster?

(The Title Master) #40

You mean the helix that makes someone deal unavoidable damage? Wow what amazing tactics!

What I meant was there should be some actual thought going on from the team. If you’re pushed up near the end you know they’re going to try and backdoor, so instead of just waiting until the last second and panicking like some people do, start thinking of a plan before it all happens. There aren’t many people on the game who take on a leadership-type role, but from experience having stuff organised really helps!