Battle royale arena mode idea

I think a really fun idea would be to add a battle royale arena dlc in game .

Of course hosted by Mr. Torgue teamed up with one of the high end tec cos or people. and in this b.r.a we get to fight all the older vault hunters be they dead or alive . Past villains ,raid bosses side chs like tinytina and what not from all bl games.

This could even have a monthly list that changes .This would let new guns/gear or past fav guns get added in to bl3.
Wile adding fun fights .They could even be themed like wild hunters and the enemy team would be hamerlock-wainwright And claptrap (who annoyingly pushed his way on to the team)

they’ll probably turn it into something boring like arms race :rofl:


Yeah, what he said. Arms Race is basically the “turning in an unfinished assignment for just enough credit to not fail” version of what you’re talking about.


Iirc, first borderlands had an arena where you fight other players

Even years later they had something similar but it was exclusive in like Europe and didn’t last long

BL1 has several PvP arenas across all the maps, although it’s still limited to a max of four IIUC. Never actually used it though - really not my thing. I would honestly prefer that GBX not add PvP to BL3.

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Borderland historically has steep scaling which is why stuff like Health Regen becomes obsolete so quickly once we reach max level. If you have ever dueled people past level 50 in any of the 5 games normally they are over in less then 30 seconds.

Short of a completely different set of balance Borderlanda PVP just won’t work with how quickly the team lets damage and health values get out of control. I am not against having something like the duel arenas in BL1 but as is PVP balance is about as borked as vehical balance.

PS I would actually be really pissed I’d they started trying to make Borderlands PVP a real thing when they legit just shut down Battleborn which was a haven for many of us.

I think people got the wrong idea i mean as getting to fight the old vaulthunters as in Mordecai , Roland, Lilith, Brick and so on and side chs and other main side chs from all borderlands as well as boss fights from older bl games.
Not pvp in any way.

I think it could add a lot of fun to get to fight them with them being able to use there old skill sets.
Or even getting to fight old fav boss fights. or getting to fight chs u dislike for some thats probly claptrap or ava.

And this in its self could easly add to bl3 with bringing back like i said before a way to get old fav guns and other stuff. Or even a way for us to get raid bosses from the other bl games.
And could be on a monthly change to keep it fresh with new line ups to fight.

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OK, so straight-forward arena and not really a Battle Royale. That could be done as a variant of arms race, although I’m not sure how I’d feel about it. I didn’t enjoy fighting the evil counterparts in the Krieg DLC so I’m doubt I’d like fighting the regular versions. I think it would depend in part on the size of the arena, too - I can just about do the short arena fights in BL1 Moxxi’s Underdome. The long ones, however, are simply way too time-consuming.

This only lasted about a year.

I don’t think it even got out of development?