Battle School - Gauging Student Interest!

Hey everyone!

Over in another thread, we are working on an idea that we’re calling Battle School:

It’s our attempt to have older players who know how the game/characters work, teach newer players who might be intimidated by a character/mode/PVP-in-general, how to play, in a safe environment.

The point is to make learning this game easier, and to help people learn from and get to know some cool members of the community.

This post is just to see who here might be interested in participating. There are a lot of details that need to be worked out, but assuming that times were not an issue, are there any people who:

  1. Would like to work with someone to learn a new character?
  2. Would like to work with someone to get a better grasp of PVP?
  3. Would like to work with someone to get a better feeling for strategy, become a better team player?
  4. Would just like a place to practice in an environment where the stakes are zero, and someone is there actively trying to help you learn?

If you fall into any of these categories, or are just interested in learning more, reply here.

If you haven’t seen the Battle School post, it’s linked below:

P.S. If for whatever reason you don’t feel like announcing that you would be interested in help, you can PM me instead. This is more an attempt to gauge interest than anything else.


I am willing to put in my 2 cents on certain characters I have mastered and play with often to anyone new to them.

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Bueler Bueler

My guess is that the Forums is a bad place to do this, but figured I’d check anyway. :slight_smile:

I’d be interested in this. I’ve pretty much mastered Montana in PVE, but I’m still struggling with him in PVP. I did make a thread asking for help, but have yet to receive a reply. :dukesad:


Brilliant, well, let’s see what we can do.

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I’m on Steam, but I have no problem reading suggestions and then implementing them even if it’s in a bot match.

I would definitely be interested (if I haven’t driven you crazy over my attempts to discuss microtransactions). I am very bad at PvP. Even worse than @Gulfwulf. :stuck_out_tongue: But hungry to learn!

What character are you trying to learn?

I’m really struggling with Alani right now. I enjoy playing support and I think she has interesting potential, but my problem in PvP is getting enough osmosis to provide my team with any meaningful healing. I’m generally struggling with working out how offensively I need to play her (but I’m a bit anxious about asking for help because she’s kind of controversial!). I play her a lot in PvE quite successfully.

Any other general tips appreciated too.

Yes she does, but as I am with Montana, trying to transition from killing AI enemies to human enemies is a rather rough one…

I use her here and there with maybe a 70% win rate as i play mostly pugs.

Here are some tips i recommend:

  • Attack while moving and jumping constantly, with the current health nerf it’s not easy to take hits anymore
    think of the way orendi plays in this aspect
  • Get gear to make your attack faster, the faster you attack the faster osmosis stacks
  • Stay close to the minions path. This can help you clear out the enemies forces and stack osmosis to help team mates. if you have a solid team they will know to keep people off you and let you work, healing them everytime you stack osmosis.

as for her skills this is what I try to go down the tree:
LVL 1: Soothing mist LEFT
LVL2: Surface tension RIGHT
LVL3: White water Left
LVL4: ok this one I go left at first for wet blanket to slow people down but once you get the mutation I go for the middle option which damages enemies standing in it. I switch between the 2 depending on whos on the other side. bigger more tanky enemies I go middle for damage. more nimble smaller targets i’ll go with left for the slowing
LVL5: Full saturation Right (This one once you get the hang of stacking osmosis quick will turn you into a pain in the ass, if you heal someone with full osmosis they take 30% less damage for 6 secs. this can turn the tables real quick)
LVL6: Refresher Right (Moving a bit forward and standing in riptide will get you about 50% or sometimes more osmosis)
LVL7: Pressure wash left ( again helps you stack osmosis)
LVL8: ol trustworthy right ( even if you aren’t grabbing people with it having extra range on it makes people clear away)
LVL9: Stagnant pools left ( this one is huge, since riptide will last longer and along with refresher you will get 100% osmosis stack in no time, specially if you are attacking at the same time, I can sometime get 2-3 full wellspring heals at this point)
LVL10: Undertow left (if you can hit enemies with this one its a 90% chance you can get them with geyser after).

Remember to move around, keep attacking and once you have the ability to generate osmosis on your riptide keep pushing forward a bit. of course you can change some of these options to something that suits you or you prefer

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I could probably help out with anyone on ps4. I’m from Aus so I get lag fairly often and time zone differences to the rest of the world aren’t exactly desirable conditions, but I’ll not let it be said that I didn’t answer the call for help lol. I’ve mastered Mellka and OM. I’ve done all of WF except for the kill OM 25 times - I haven’t bothered trying because it’s a terrible challenge. I play around with pretty much all of the roster though. I’m definitely more focused on early levelling and objectives in pvp. I’ve only played pve missions with other people a few times and never with randoms - but I know enemy types and tactics well enough.


I’d be happy to show you the ropes as Alani. Let me work with the others to get this thing organized, and we’ll set something up.


Just remember she’s on the PC as well.

I’d be happy to help. I know my way really well around pvp and Orendi. I’m really interested though in Benedict and Mellka and well, it’s not great.
PS4 btw

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Well crap…oops.

Awesome! Could you give us your:


You can PM it if it matters.

I’m on PC and do not mind trying to help… not the best but I do decent with a few characters. Best with Toby (I mostly got this Penguin figured out), but decent with ISIC, OM (Ok he is not that hard… seriously he is pretty straight forward), and ok with Miko as support.

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Discord is the same as my psn
I know Kleese, Reyna, Phoebe, and Orendi.
7-10 PM EST. Variable throughout the rest of the day.
Side note: There was a storm two nights ago, and now our wifi doesn’t work. We received a Mifi kit, but I’m gonna have to wait till some time next week to get good enough Internet to play.