[Battle School] Incursion Map Rundown (PC)

Hey everyone!

I’ll be holding an Incursion Rundown class later today at 1am CEST (7pm EST or 3 hours after posting this thread)!

Apparently 3 hours before hand was a little too short for people to deal with. So I’ll be postponing this class to a later date when it’s more convenient. I’m thinking in a weekend to maximize people’s availability.

Let me know below when you think a good time is for this class!

I will go over both the Overgrowth and Echelon maps, showing the choke points, shard routes, escape routes and basically everything you need to no to use the map to it’s fullest.

Depending on the size of the group, we’ll be running bot matches for the tour, and if the group is comfortable, a real live PvP match.

If you’re interested, leave a comment below and join the Unofficial Battleborn Discord Server for comms.

Hope to see you in a couple of hours!!

EDIT: Platform is PC. Sorry about that


MAN, I wish. I’m at work for the next six hours.

Also, what platform?

There’ll be ones later down the line :slight_smile: Also, thanks for pointing that out!

If I’m around, I’ll try to be there. I love Overgrowth, but any tips are always appreciated.

This could be done with a 2d map, and reach many more people…

Good idea! I’ll see if I can make one. I was thinking of also recording it so other people can reference it later as well.

But I do think at least a verbal talk through is necessary. Some things you simply need to see to completely understand. And I don’t presume to be a god at this game and think of everything that needs to be discussed, so questions are essential to get all the info together.

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A recording, assuming those in attendance are ok with it, would be AWESOME for those of us not able to attend because we’re at work (or, y’know, whatever).

IF y’all do that, please be pals and update here, preferably with a link. Thanks!

Will do! And of course :slight_smile:

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