Battle Sphere League play under way

Imagine a call for all the Bad Asses in a kingdom to gather and compete to see who the ultimate team of Bad Asses for the Badassery trophy was. Yes, you’ve picture it now have you, well then I would like to ask if you were among those at the top holding the trophy looking down upon those that you crushed along the way?
If so, we may have what you are looking for at Battle Sphere we are putting together tournaments for Battleborn. Allowing teams from across the globe to compete to see who the ultimate group of Badasses truly are.
Let us also say that if you are a Badass who does not like to show off how much of a Badass you truly are and just want to play a few matches with some new people. We have you covered on that aspect as well. With players from across the globe, you can meet and play with new players any hour of the day, helping each other to fine tune and become better players in general.
The Battle Sphere group is putting a lot of time and effort into making sure the Battleborn community grows into a strong community helping to put Battleborn at the top where it belongs in terms of competition play and just overall delight while playing your favorite Badass.
Providing guides, tips, and creative feedback, we want to see you grow in the role that you enjoy playing the most. While other communities enjoy fighting amongst each other, like two fat kids grappling to get the last Twinkie, only to realize later that there is a whole new box in the back waiting to be discovered, we are not. Odd analogy you say, well picture the fact that Battleborn keeps being compared to other games by people who just want to see it fail because they are too short minded to accept the fact that it truly is a completely new game waiting to be explored. Something we are working very hard to show case at Battle Sphere.
We invite you to join us as we progress through the everyday brawls into the tournament level of play in the new exciting game of Battleborn.