Battleborn 2 still Dream?

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Soo is there any hope that Battleborn 2 can happen ? I still have hope.

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It’s up in the air. It’s technically possible, especially since Randy Varnell, the Creative Director for Battleborn, said that they weren’t finished with the world of Battleborn. But to what extent they can justify investing capital to create a sequel remains to be seen.


Would be cool but who knows?

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I think he meant by going back to the original Battleborn game and finishing their updates. I’ve seen signs like the loot box error message and Nova as a playable character. I’ve also seen hints for new characters and other DLC according to the lore that I’ve read from both characters and the gear with their descriptions.

I think all the information is there but I think the only way to find out is if we had someone that could datamine from one of the platforms like the PC version for Battleborn. If I had to guess, I’m getting a feeling that Nova is going to be in a mech suit that uses hover legs, not actual legs but a term I used because of Armored Core (I’m still wondering if a new game will come out for that franchise in the PS4).

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Nova as a PC isn’t something that they just never finished, it was never part of the plan to begin with. I can’t recall the source, but the devs said they never expected Nova to be as popular as she is or that the fans would latch onto the ‘robot suit’ thing.

If Battleborn had ever gotten a ‘season 2,’ with more story missions and DLC and whatever, then maybe there could have been a playable Nova. And while there were longer-term hopes for the game, it’s an extremely safe bet that they finished all of the content that they actually intended (and budgeted for) from the start.

The unfinished updates were, to the best of anyone’s knowledge, entirely game balance related.

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The Battleborn Universe is realy interesting.
I could imagine a lot of things, but not a moba-like heroshooter (wont attract enough people as we sadly learned the hard way).
Maybe a lootershooter with a lot of story telling, FPS-mmorpg or even a mix of both with an open world … same category like The Division 2 could work, i guess.
Or just a singleplayer or Coop game should work too.

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I loved this game when I played it and wish it was massive like borderlands is, but I know that would be a dream. I think Battleborn as a FPS-moba for many people probably isn’t something they can stomach, but for me and I’m sure a small bunch of fans we can say that it is a ton of fun! If they decided to continue with this game I would imagine they would focus the game more on story telling and singleplayer aspects, but still keep multiplayer of course! I personally hope they eventually do something with this game as I absolutely love it! The worlds, characters and all around gameplay I enjoyed so much and would be sad to just see this amazing world not be brought back again.

If they decide to make a Battleborn 2 I will fully support that and hope that it does get more people interested into the game. I wanna be my favorite rocket shooting bird and destroy enemies with some friends like the good old days haha. I hope it comes, but don’t know when. Sorry for the long reply :stuck_out_tongue:

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I honestly love this game and it’s universe.
I don’t foresee a BB2, but I’ve been wrong before. Hoping I am again.

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I think this universe really deserves another swing at it. It’s a great game, stands easily with a lot of similar ones but just stumbled a bit out of the gate. If it were free to play immediately I think it would have gotten much much more popular.


I wonder how expensive it is to make a VR port? I dont think are any good VR Mobas and BL2 in VR is amazing.

If it’s cost effective maybe it could be worth doing a season 2 of a story campaign?

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I had a lot of fun in battleborn. I wouldn’t mind a sequel.