Battleborn 2019 server issues

Hey ive been playing battleborn working through the lore challenges and since yesterday after every match its not saving my match history so all the challenges completed basically didnt happen ive played 5 games of shayne and aurox completed 3/5 lore challenges in every game but they just dont count because of the server error after the game

Same here, it’s probably been three days now for me. Hope they get it worked out soon!

I dont think theyre going to do anything about it theyre shutting the servers down in January and unless they do what happened with evolved where they shut down dedicated servers and running it off of a hosts connection

I’m sorry to say these kinds of issues have been present on and off for most of the game life cycle. There was a time period of about 3 months back in 2017 when the game was not even scoring story mission. This locked new players our of unlocked heros and several of the games rewards.
Issues like the game falling to to load match history happend just about every other time they got a patch out and lasted till the next patch which would usually be months away. There where also a number of issues with people getting auto kicked from premade groups at the end of matched and being unable to connect until the leader reformed a new lobby.

It’s sad but the devs frequent overlooked stability and bug fixes which was upsetting because the games stream of post launch content was extremely slow.

Hopefully when the store is taken down some of the laundry list of issues get patched.