Battleborn 28.90$ on CDkeys

You can get 5% off by liking their Facebook page as well, so best deal currently!


Anyone thinking of doing this or passing it on - Be very aware that while this site isn’t technically illegal you are exposing yourself and your payment method to very shady people.

Just be forewarned.

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Eh, I’ve bought from them before. They’re pretty legit.

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I’ve bought from them plenty of times, so have my friends. There’s nothing shady about them as far as I’m aware.


I know very well who they are and I also know of people who have had issues after buying there.

There is also the moral debate of not giving Gearbox the full price of their software.

Since you think they are so legit, where do they get their keys for such a low price?

The facts are G2A, Kinguin, and are known for getting their CD keys through fraudulent methods and have had many issues in the past with “stolen” CC numbers.

But by all means everyone, go ahead.

I would ask you, how do you think they obtain thousands and thousands of cd keys at such significant savings?

They are buying keys in other countries, often with stolen CC numbers and reaping the profit from it, not Gearbox.

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Eh, you know of people who have? When I googled, I’ve yet to find one case. I’m sure they exist, but I’m just surprised you know some who have.

Regardless, it’s a good deal. There’s no moral debate here. Game is at the price it should be priced, get while the gettin’s good.

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You need to pay attention to my entire post.

You didn’t “google” very long if you didn’t find anything.

The facts are, you are giving profit to cdkeys instead of Gearbox buying this way. I’ll pay a little more and support the devs.

If I was Gearbox I would delete this post.

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Well, I hope they make you a moderator of these forums, you certainly act like one from what I’ve seen, all you need is the purple name and you can goosestep all you want.


Well AmericanAlpha has a point. Even though I’ve bought stuff from CDKeys, they are a shady business. They are somehow making profit by selling game keys for half price. I don’t know what CDKeys business plan is, but I have a feeling it’s not a ethical one.


I don’t see it as ethical. The amount of people who use these sites is roughly 1% of gamers. Mostly those too poor to afford the absurd prices of games today.

Also, it’s good for your community, you want new people? here you go.

These kind of sites are bad and should be fought teeth and nails. Come one, such a big discount CAN’T be legit. They are stealers and resellers. Like, you know, thepiratebay and co which aren’t technically hosting anything illegal but are simplifying the process…

I can only recommend reading this article : which give an insight to how it’s done. Mostly it’s “special promotionnal keys” or otherwise free keys that can be found as part of various offers.

For anybody interested, and does not care that it is a physical copy, Amazon has the game for $39.88. Sold and shipped by Amazon and not a secondary seller. This is only the Xbox One version though.


Wow, you’re right. I was sure you meant with the Prime Discount, but it’s not. It’s available 20$ off, legally already, at least on Xbox one.

My question is why offer it on the official forums? I’m surprised they wouldn’t lock this thread immediately, maybe there are other forums where this would get a better reception but not on the one site where it’s mostly people who bought it. Legitimately.

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Simple, for people looking at the game and thinking about it, I wanted them to see the best deal on the game currently.

I only ever buy PlayStation credit keys from (and they also sell keys for Xbox Live credit).

If they weren’t legit, I’d have thought that Sony and Microsoft would have stamped on them long ago.

Maybe the business has evolved from what I know from the past then, but I see key sites as the pinnacle of shady for gamers.

Why would they lock it down?

I’m in the UK and here the RRP for the game is £50. That does not mean a retailer has to sell it at £50. For example my local large supermarkets are selling it for £42. There is nothing illegal about this.

If you buy the game for £50 or £42, the same amount of money will be going to gearbox, say £20. It is the retailer that is taking the hit.

Now they can mitigate this is 2 ways,

Bulk ordering - buying a large enough quantity that the supplier gives a discount. (Supermarkets)

Reducing overheads - selling digital products through a website means you save a lot of money. No postage, no physical store and all of the subsequent costs - staff, insurance, equipment etc. (Online retailer akin to cdkeys)

I think it’s funny that people slate cdkeys as being dodgy just because they sell things cheap, or their mate Dave down the pub told them his mate Bob said he knew someone who got ripped off.


Well the negative connotations in my case come from running into it when file sharing was first taking off, and you’d see hacked cd keys / game downloads all the time. This was over a decade ago but still that’s my association with this kind of business so it seems suspect.

Their mate down the pub is our friend at the bar. lol