Battleborn 40% off sale on Steam

Good deal on Steam if you thought about getting Battleborn. I think the sale is just for the weekend?

Godammit! Why is it never a PSN sale?!

…I’m so lonely on my PS4 ;_;

Good I hope people buy it and we get more players!

Hard to see if you payd the full price a few weeks ago but ok, it could help to get the game back up.

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is the season pass on sale as well ?

Weirdly I can’t see the discounted price in market, maybe its exclusively released to some areas?


Timezone delay maybe?

Nothing since the beginning.

Nice, very nice… sale on start… buy game for full price 1 week ago… now delux edition cost half of standart game…

A lot of people will get very very mad now. ^.^

Give to everyone who bought the game sizon pass, that in the chaos.

the 40% is just a marketing move to drag new players into the game since there are a lot of people who are already bored of the other game that recently released.
These 40% are only for 2 days anyways so i’m fine with it… it helps the game a lot.
i don’t mind to have payed more a month ago since the devs deserve my money for this great game.

Everyone who is mad now is just greedy and don’t even respect the work and effort the devs put into this game.

I am, and I cannot use the benefit of it since I got the game already. It would be nice if the new stuff upcoming wasn’t guaranteed-get with the seasonpass. I can understand this discount is to attract more people into the game but… Early access to new heroes and at the other hand making the new character 47500 credits cost pisses me off a lot and this discount didnt help much.

Ppl dont buy it not beocuse cost is hight, becouse this game lagging as hell… On good PC, not TOP but good… and nothing did to improve FPS… has Battleborn for $29.32 which is even cheaper than purchasing it directly from Steam. And it’s a Steam key you get when you purchase it from

Key seller sites are always cheaper… that’s why they exist.

I’m glad it’s on sale - more new players in the game. Still I’d prefer to see a wide marketing campaign (after they fix performance and matchmaking issues).

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I wouldn’t use the word “greedy” to describe players who paid almost twice as much as people who waited three weeks and got essentially the same thing, save for perhaps some cosmetics.

I’m not sure where the “lack of respect to developers’ work” part came from. I’d say it’s the opposite: the 3-weeks-early customers’ $75 was worth $40 on Amazon, so they get virtually nothing for paying premium, making them feel disrespected.

We all know games go on a sale after a while, but it’s been less than a month. It would be a whole different story if the sale happened three months later - but three weeks sure gives a salty aftertaste.


They got 3 weeks playing the game while it had an actual playerbase.

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Than that will piss off the season pass holders.