Battleborn 60fps console pretty please

Huge fan of BL and its flawless smooth gameplay. I absolutely love Battleborn but very hard to get passed the 30fps. I just can’t buy into it - I keep trying. Why was that decision actually approved.

Note: performance always stumps graphics or “particles” if that’s why a 60fps can’t be achieved. SMITE just patched to 60fps.
Can 60fps update be something all of us Battleborn lovers be looking forward to? BL accomplished it.

I would love 60fps in Battleborn, but I don’t think it ever will happen.


Thanks for opinion. I’d give an arm and leg to make that happen. It doesn’t feel absolute horrible but it’s missing that touch specially in pvp when you need to be quick on your feet

I suppose if they toned down the particles a bit, they’d be able to pull it off, sure as hell would give everyone one less thing to complain about. The fewer the better.

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i really dont notice to much of a difference between 30 fps and 60 (yes i know there is one) but personally 60 fps never really was a selling point for me as long as the game is good


It WOULD be nice, but I wasn’t really expecting any GBX game to have 60 fps in the first place.

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I think it’s not just graphics that drags this game to 30fps, but amount of CPU work (with minions and lot’s of stuff interacting with one another) as well and it’s hard to scale back that. I remember when I played beta on consoles (I own both) and there were some hiccups (below 30fps) on PS4 in some more demanding battles, while I haven’t noticed such drops on Xbox One. While Xbox One has weaker GPU than PS4 it has some advantage in slightly better CPU, so this might be the reason for locking everything to 30fps, not just transparacies and particles.


The console’s hardware is pretty terrible, so if you want 60 fps then build a decent PC. There is a massive difference.

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Could be hope in the future with the mid generation console upgrades PlayStation “Neo” and Xbox “Scorpio” being made. It would also depend on developers to support the new hardware as well. Add cross play into the mix and would be even more enjoyable.

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PS4 pro gets 60fps… But the old Console doesn’t … ■■■■■■■ amazing…

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yeah the PS4 pro has a better GPU too, so of course it’ll get better FPS than the PS4

If Gearbox devs really wanted they could get Battleborn to run at 60 fps on most maps except ones like Echelon b/c I have a worse graphics card than there is on the PS4 and I run well over 100 fps and only have problems on maps like Echelon.

Here is the comparison with the PS4 GPU on the left and mine on the right

The main reason the devs won’t make this possible is because then your game will look like this

and this

Do they really need to tone down anything though, smite did not

FPS is affected by lots of things, and the fact that 30fps is locked on consoles tells me that either there is too much going on behind the scenes, or the particles are a bit much.

Toning down the particles is much easier than cleaning up coding, so I figure that’s what they’d do to improve the frame rate.

I’ve never really noticed changes on SMITE when the frame update hit, but ok then

I’m speaking about what BB would do, why would I talk about Smite? Can’t stand that game.

If you’re speaking about frame differences, not everyone can detect 30 fps to 60 fps differences, not everyone has the eyes for it.

Noticed a huge difference in smite with 60fps. Very crucial to landing

Try overwatch or paladins beta, or evem borderlands then login to

Lol yeah it’s not for everyone.

Frame rate and mobility to me just feels so much cleaner on 60. On a 30fps
it feels the joystick lags behind and I am of talking about the difference
of adjusting sensitivity. I still play battleborn however there’s a
noticeable difference in my gameplay experience from BB to

Meh I’ve just never have taken the time to notice I guess

I said it already in the update thread but this is some A grade bull ■■■■.

Console consumer model is already an insult now they force you to buy a whole new system to get the gameplay experience that should have been offered from day one.


This is 100% the biggest new feature in the winter update for me. They could double Mellka’a health and it wouldn’t even come close.

It’s also awful that only PS4 Pro owners will get to take advantage of it. I guess not everyone feels the difference with higher frame rate in games, but it’s night and day for me. It’s like using max controller sensitivity: you don’t realize you need it until you’ve tried it, but once you have, you can’t ever go back…