Battleborn 60fps console pretty please

Supposedly we get to choose between 1080p at 60fps or 4k at 30fps on ps4 after the winter update.

I’m not sure if that’s just for pro though.

I’ve got no f*cking clue what the difference is between 1080 and 4k is.

Just for Pro. My gf has wanted a second console, so 60FPS here I come.

It’s a huge handicap for non-Pro players, so I’ll feel mixed about it, but seriously… there’s no way I’m turning it down!

Eesh, not sure if 60fps BB is worth another console. I hate buying sony or microsoft consoles, because I never get my moneys worth of enjoyment out of it, too many games that I just straight up hate.

BB and OW are the only games I even play on ps4. PC, 3ds and the WiiU, however, provide me endless enjoyment.

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It’s a slightly bizarre purchase because I’m not a console gamer either. Battleborn is all I use the PS4 for. Now we’re going to have two for some reason. I’m just going with it, though :stuck_out_tongue:


lol amen

Be reborn as… A NECROOO

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30 frames were a big reason for me to ignore the game. Now I am temped to buy the game. A first person shooter in 30 frames is atrocious to play. It’s a night and day difference.

Minrec … Is that you ?

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Be reborn as… ironically, ANOTHER OZCOMINGFROO

sony doesn’t allow frame rates to be better on the Pro for competitive multiplayer

they just let you drop frames less

co-op and single player can provide advantages

Battleborn is an online-only game though. There’s no single player mode, just private matches. PVE is cooperative but also has a competitive dimension (you can compete on score.) So where is it going to fit?

Nope, It’s been confirmed by a dev that 60fps will be an option for the OG ps4 owners.


Wait a sec did you just quote my quote?

I did, then i changed it. I just woke up 30 minutes ago, cut me some slack. ;-;

EDIT: apparently, it was earlier based on my post times. Either way, I’m going back to bed. Friggin doges woke me up. ;-;

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Just checking lol cuz I got a notification but couldn’t tell haha

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Very glad to hear it!

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#Everybody who’s name starts with an M just got buffed

If I weren’t retired, I’d have Oscar Mike react to that…

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And it would garner the usual 30 likes
(I forgot #'s have that effect on words lol)

How wistful I am for the days when my BB banter topics got 100+ likes… I’m still not sure if I’ve gotten less entertaining or if the forum is just depleted, haha.

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