Kelvin [Controller] [Brawler] [Advance]

I like to use Kelvin more as a Control Tank more than anything. Some of the things he can do is really quite amazing and what he has to offer to his teammates is valuable. Like near guaranteed kills. He has other abilities that you can see for yourself but let me have the pleasure to rave about the highlight ability of Kelvin.

THIS IS SOME GOOD &#%$! No, really it is. Sublimate is one of those abilities that is very versatile. Its multifunction allows you to [Control] the battlefield to your favor. For example, when you are in the heat of battle and enemies are all over you, sublimate will stun the surrounding enemies upon cast and allow for a haste retreat. That’s not all, do you need to close the gap between you and a fleeing opponent that is near death? Not a problem! Sublimate will turn you into a fast moving cloud while passing through any unit in addition to stunning anyone who comes in contact and get you safely to your destination for a massive chomp finisher. Epic battleborn fight at thralls and the enemy is on a hot streak? Why not “cool” them off by warping around them and giving your friendlies a chance to hit them back. It may seem that I am hyping this ability too much and it may come off sarcastic but I am not lying, it’s that good. And I can’t even begin with the altering augmentations you can do with Sublimate. Sublimate minions, sublimate battleborn characters, sublimate turrets (immune to stun) - sublimate the sentry (not immune to stun) just Sublimate everything – okay?

Bite an enemy, dealing a large amount of damage. If the target is killed, Kelvin gains permanent health. Instantly kills minor enemies.

I discovered this from a youtube comment that Chomp gives you permanent health if it kills the target. Why didn’t I know this before? Maybe its because of Battleborn’s font, but yea, definitely want to use this on weaker minions to health growth. I’m not sure if theres a cap on it, I didn’t really test it.

Anyways, Kelvin can be very effective in battle. He can trap foes with his ultimate which creates an icy wall, if you place it just right you can trap them behind it. After that, your teammates can go in on the defenseless enemy or have Kelvin whale on whoever’s up against the wall. Kelvin is more than good, I definitely will be placing him in the upper tier of the battleborn characters. Gearbox nailed it on the head with this control freak and I will be using him a lot more. I’ll update Kelvin as I collect more info.

Fun Ability Synergy: Kelvin and Kleese

Lastly, What baffles me was the recent buff that he got. He seemed fine without it …right?

FULL TIER LIST: BETA Battleborn Tier List (FINAL)

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My friend and I had him in C tier, just because of his weak early game. The thing is though, there is no way to stop him from becoming a monster. I played a Kelvin game the other day and had 4,000 health at the end. I literally walked into the enemy base to chase a kill, and walked back out just fine.

If you build this guy right, your health regen will be crazy, and you’ll be damn near unkillable.

Totally agree, Kelvin is top tier for me and a teamplayer which is a plus. Sometimes to truly understand a character you need to play them often.

Yeah dude, that stun? God like. Easiest stun in the game to hit, and then he gets to smack you for a second before chomping you.

What’s also really good about Kelvin is that he counters invisible people with his ground pound. When people who are stealthed take damage, they light up white. Kelvin can just follow them around with his ground pound and it’s a joke.