Battleborn: A Tier Marquis

Reviewed by Dr_H0H0 and Contributed to the Battleborn Tier List, for the full tier list BETA Battleborn Tier List (FINAL)

He fulfills the sniper role perfectly with his high single target damage and ability to escape sticky situations
if he gets focused. He’s great at baiting melee characters into hoodini traps and finishing them off with a well
placed ult. He can even soak exp at a good rate by simply placing his slow over the minion wave.
Another thing he excels at is destroying enemy buildables which in turn helps lower pressure on the team
and nets him a little extra exp to boot. Overall he is a very solid pick for almost any team comp with his high pressure and elusiveness.

High single target damage sniper.


  • Very high single target damage.
  • After obtaining the Dot’s on his hoodini owls he has good wave clear combined with Temporal Distortion.
  • Shreds any big characters due to his passive.
  • Can set hoodini traps and counterplay melee characters.
  • The best sniper character at the moment.


  • Terrible up close without his ult.
  • Very squishy.
  • only 1 escape skill.
  • Requires good aim to be used to his fullest.

Good Match-ups
Kleese, Miko, Montana, Toby, Benedict.

Bad Match-ups
ISIC, Thorn, Phoebe, El Dragon, Caldarius, Rath, Boulder.