Battleborn: [A] Tier Thorn

This is credited to Dr_H0H0 in contribution of the Battleborn Tier list, for the full tier list BETA Battleborn Tier List (FINAL)

[A TIER] Thorn Overview By Dr_H0H0

Thorn is one of the characters that gearbox gave a role “Sniper” but will find more success in a different one.Thorns kit is more geared to an in and out mobile assassin as her mobility and burst is only beaten by a few characters. She starts out a little slow but thanks to her speed and aoe specials she can gain level pretty fast.After she hits level 5 she gains immense burst and becomes a much bigger threat to any squishy on the enemy team. She does do good damage with her bow but compared to Toby or Marquis she just doesn’t have the kill potential at a range like them. Overall with her mobility, high burst and wave clear she is a very solid character right now and a great help to her team.

High mobility in and out assassin with excellent wave clear and an okay sniper.


  • High movement speed.
  • High burst potential.
  • High damage crits with her bow.
  • High jump and boost to gain access to high points on the map.
  • Great wave clear and single target damage.
  • Good escape options if pressured by melee characters.


  • Hard to hit moving targets with her bow.
  • Semi squishy.
  • No real burst potential until level 5.
  • Requires her ult for her quick burst play style.
  • Gets out sniped by all other snipers.
  • High skill cap.

Good Match-ups
Rath, Marquis, Toby, Miko, Montana, Orendi, Kleese

Bad Match-ups
ISIC, El Dragon, Caldarius, Galilea, Mellka, Benedict

I don’t think that El dragon is so bad for thorn. …

I think the only bad match ups for thorn are just Ambra and Galilea.

Ambra is hard to hit while she gets to damage you for free. Galilea is easier than Ambra, but just tanky and scary if you mess up.

Most of Thorns matchups are neutral or in her favor.

Any character that can catch her and CC her is a big problem for her. El Dragon has the best initiation in the game as his clothesline can not only catch her but slow her and knock her up. Her burst isn’t enough to insta kill him and he has the much better sustained damage.


Ambra really shouldn’t be a big problem due to her having average mobility and needing to be stay in to do any real damage. (no burst outside of her ult) Anyone that can catch Thorn and survive her burst is a terrible match up for her since she needs to be able to escape or kill them with burst since her arrows are really lack luster. Everyone i listed can either harass her from a range and avoid her burst damage (Melka, Benedict, ISIC.) or go all in and win every time against her. (El Dragon, Galilea, Caldarius.)

There are more match ups but these are the ones i thought of of the top of my head where she either excelled at killing them or just really struggled with.

Don’t get caught? Thorns kiting potential is pretty huge. Not to mention, you can literally jump over his clothesline at level 7, or even 3 if you use her Melee attack as a second jump.

Ambra is a pain because she can sit there on you from medium range and just do erratic movement. On top of that, she’s a toothpick and a nuisance to hit. Add in sunspots that you have to 2 shot, and that over shield at the end that you can only bypass if you ult.

Most all in characters aren’t a big deal. Blights speed boost will get you far from them. Same thing with people who out range thorn. Not to mention, at level 3, thorn can get anywhere Benedict can. Meaning, you can just get out of their reach and watch as they helplessly try to attack you.

That’s why every character i listed Except Galilea has better mobility then her. [quote=“F34RLEzZ, post:6, topic:1362554”]
Not to mention, you can literally jump over his clothesline at level 7, or even 3 if you use her Melee attack as a second jump.

His clothesline is extremely fast and has a knock up you cannot jump over at level 4. Once he lands it There is not much you can do outside of trying to burst him down.

Wait, you think there is in fact a character that out mobilities Thorn? The only one who might possibly do that is Benedict, and MAYBE Caldarius. Doesn’t matter about Caldarius though because his gun tickles.

Are you sure you play this character?

Yup :slight_smile: Caldarius runs circles around while El Dragon has the advantage only upon landing his Clothesline into En Fuego into Dragon Splash stun. Thorn has high base speed and gains a 30% from her blight for 5 seconds? when she touches the circle along with a propulsion and higher jump. Melka has high movement speed like thorn but also has a boost that can boost her whichever direction she is facing with the correct helix, a propulsion just like Thorn and a dash and slide kick.

Please let me know if I’m forgetting anything about Thorns mobility.

When you say high base move speed, I think it may be the highest in game. The blight lasts for 8 seconds, and the 30% speed boost makes her extraordinarily fast. She can outrun any Melee with it, or even kite them around the blight or terrain. Mellkas push back isn’t as useful as thorns is because of her completely different fighting style.

I don’t think you quite realize how high thorns Burst Propulsion sends her. She can get to the bridge in the middle from the ground. From there, she can get on top of the cat walks that you usually see Benedicts on. Not actually sure if Mellka can.

I don’t think you’re playing thorn optimally if you’re getting outmaneuvered by el dragon and caldarius.

I forgot to mention, at level 3, thorn can also jump on the wall outside the base, the one with the super minions spawner. Can’t tell you how many times I’ve jumped up there and vanished, leaving confused Melee players behind.

Reyna and Shayne can ruin her day pretty good too, and at least keep her pushed well back from optimal range in team fights. I never met one that handled slow very well at all.

Yeah, that slowing mark is quite a pain.

I mean’t the speed boost after touching it.[quote=“F34RLEzZ, post:10, topic:1362554”]
From there, she can get on top of the cat walks that you usually see Benedicts on. Not actually sure if Melilla xan

Melka’s dash boosts her in whichever direction she is aiming including straight up.

I’ve sunk over 50 hours into the game including the CTT and have had the chance to throughly try everyone and i do agree Thorns base movement speed may be the highest in the game without any helix skills. Having said that i know where she falls short and it’s when she cannot escape from a character harassing her that will out damage her at close range. She excels at killing squishys with her burst then backing off to harass the larger characters at a range.

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I’ve sunk double that time into the game including beta and CTT. Most of that time was spent playing thorn. I wrote a guide on the character. I experienced every matchup in beta. Thorn has just an easy time on big bodies because she can land her curse, which increases her skill damage by a whopping 25%, which boosts to 35% at level 5 if you take that helix. El dragon isn’t particularly tanky either. I know this character, her strengths, and her weaknesses.

The reason I was saying idk if mellkas gets her the same place is because I don’t know if mellkas jump is as high as thorns. It’s also not as beneficial to get to the same places that thorn would want get to. When I said blight lasts for 8 seconds, I meant you can refresh your move speed and be fast for a total of 13 seconds if you stay around it and kite.

Edit: Even against larger targets, thorn excels at mid range. Cursing a target and then hitting them with every volley arrow is pretty devastating.

I agree 100% with this statement.

I don’t know if you ever got the chance to play a good one but since he is my main i can say with 100% certainty that Thorn as a bad match up against him if she cannot kill him with her initial burst damage. He does really high sustained aoe damage with some really good sustain later in his helix. He’s only really squishy in the beginning of the match.

Thorn is really only catchable and weak at the beginning of the match.

Edit: Even at the start, she does pretty good damage. She also geta noticeably strong with each level. None of her helix choices leave her feeling meh.

I probably never did play against a particularly good El Dragon, but it sounds to me like you never played against a Particularly good Thorn.

I probably haven’t since 90% of the people i played in the beta didn’t seem to have thumbs. I would love to play a lot of the characters at their skill ceilings so i can base their matchups on that but there are very few good players at the moment. Q.Q

Yeah, I made a thorn guide because every thorn I saw was garbage, lol. Do you play on PS4? We should play some when the game releases.

Sure, my PSN is kasus12 I Look forward to playing with you in 2 weeks. :stuck_out_tongue:

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