Battleborn: (A) Tier Thorn

This is credited to Dr_H0H0 in contribution of the Battleborn Tier list, for the full Battleborn: Tier List (Alani Tier + few new tiers)

[A TIER] Thorn Overview By Dr_H0H0

Thorn is one of the characters that gearbox gave a role “Sniper” but will find more success in a different one.Thorns kit is more geared to an in and out mobile assassin as her mobility and burst is only beaten by a few characters. She starts out a little slow but thanks to her speed and aoe specials she can gain level pretty fast.After she hits level 5 she gains immense burst and becomes a much bigger threat to any squishy on the enemy team. She does do good damage with her bow but compared to Toby or Marquis she just doesn’t have the kill potential at a range like them. Overall with her mobility, high burst and wave clear she is a very solid character right now and a great help to her team.

High mobility in and out assassin with excellent wave clear and an okay sniper.


  • High movement speed.
  • High burst potential.
  • High damage crits with her bow.
  • High jump and boost to gain access to high points on the map.
  • Great wave clear and single target damage.
  • Good escape options if pressured by melee characters.


  • Hard to hit moving targets with her bow.
  • Semi squishy.
  • No real burst potential until level 5.
  • Requires her ult for her quick burst play style.
  • Gets out sniped by all other snipers.
  • High skill cap.

Good Match-ups
Rath, Marquis, Toby, Miko, Montana, Orendi, Kleese

Bad Match-ups
ISIC, El Dragon, Caldarius, Galilea, Mellka, Benedict