Battleborn able to jump way to high

Why are some Battleborn allowed to jump over my head and shoot me while there is no way to even touch them playing a melee class ?

So faar I run into those characters beeing able to do so …


I wonder if this is some kind of exploid what do you think ?

It’s not an exploit; that’s what those characters are supposed to do. Wait until you see Benedict.

Some characters (especially most Eldrid) are more agile than others. I know Mellka can jump kinda high AND has a move that propels her upwards. I tend not to have much issue with the agility most of the time however especially considering Eldrid don’t have shields :smiling_imp:

Exactly. They have higher nobility but less defense.

I think you don’t understand what I am trying to say here.

While it’s a common thing characters with low hp have more mobility, those players I have met were constant jumping arround and over my head.

You have to look in the air above and tourn your own angle to keep them in sight wich is almost impossible.

I simply could not manage to attack the elve because of that plus she jumps way to high and were able to shoot me while doing so.

Benedict for example has to use his escape skill to act like that that. It’s a different thing than doing such moves over and over without any delay.

They are using built in skills and helix options. They are working as intended. Try the characters out for yourself in a private match or story mode and you will see there’s nothing funny going on.


Best way to learn how to beat a character is to learn them your self.


Besides don’t most area melee attacks hit them while they are in the air? Like Kelvin’s ground pound and El Dragon clap?

I never really had to much of a problem facing these characters because even if they could out jump and dodge me it only made me change my play style on how to deal with them.

Mellka has to use an ability to do so, for her I have no issue as once she uses this ability it is now on CD.

Thorn, I think she needs a nerf to her insanely high jump (helix mod tier 7?) If they are to keep the helix option in the game she should barely be able to jump up to sniper perch from below it.

The main problem is the lack of FoV or 3rd person for the melee perspective.

Thats exactly my problem I cant keep track of them doing those jumps… while it might be balanced in therms of mellka because of that cd (wich still makes her an “easy win” character on phoebe) it is just rediculous Thorn does that all the time just jumping and it needs to be nerfed…

A good thorn will always use her increased jump height helix combined with her melee push back move. My thorn lives for this combo, while it does keep me alive and make me a hard target to hit, It does not make me unkillable.

If I am fighting a highly moble jumpy character, I just wait for the best time to CC them. Most thorns and mellkas can be killed if you spot them first.

And as you play Phoebe you are just going to die because you dont have a cc right ? … that is not balanced at all

Thorn does crazy ammounts of dps she doesn’t need to jump arround like a bunny rabbit.
She is supposed to be played as a range class not a mid range brawler or am I missing something?

As Thorn is out of position she should just die to any assasin because that is what assasins supposed to do,
pick the one that over extends and put and end to him.

Uhhh Wait until you see Benedict and kleese…

I think thorn is absolutely supposed to be a mid ranged brawler.

High mobility, low defense, short range on her skills and ultimate, and her bow is rather difficult to hit with on a moving target anyway… it gets MUCH worse at range unless you are shooting snipers, but once a marquis or toby notices you are hitting them they can sidestep your fully charged shots no problem from range.

The charge shot gives up her mobility, the fast shot has a delay on firing and is inaccurate. She def isn’t a sniper that’s for sure… good luck finishing an evading enemy from range with the travel time on that bow.

Mellka doesn’t jump higher. Those are abilities under a 16sec cooldown that both can be used offensively or as a mobility (escape or reaching places she cannot reach normally).
Thorn only jump high if the choice is selected in the helix choices, so she doesn’t have it from the start.
Lots of other characters have possibilities like that. Isic and his dash, Phoebe and her teleport, benedict and his flight/glide, Caldarius 's jump/abilities, Deande’s flying kick, Rath’s double jump, Kleese’s multiple jumps…

While her jump does allow her to escape (as it should), it also commits her to a very long move. If she jumps, but doesn’t jump away, she is basically a 100% trackable target.

ImO a good phoebe is one of the most difficult opponent to deal with as a Mellka player, with good Rath and Ghalt opponents.
Both Rath and Phoebe have a silence that they can apply to you if they can surprise you (and phoebe is very good at surprising her target with her teleport) and enough melee dps to kill you or almost kill you by the end of the silence, so you can’t wait and need to escape before that. Which can prove a bit difficult since your quick melee doesn’t have as much range as their attack, which means that if they keep the distance in check they can dps you withotu you being able to quick melee them. they don’t need to do that for long, too.

I did already agree it is ok for Mellka beeing able to get away using her abillity like it is on every damn other character in this game.

I don’t see any problem in those (for example Benedict just flies away and thats how it should be but as you get him on cd he is just dead…)

The reason I wrote this is because of Thorn jumped again and again and again and …
with no cd at all!

I know what Phoebe could do she is still kind of OP, in therms of single target dps, since her right click does like 500 dmg as you set the helix skills right.
The silence is also no new thing to me shure I would use it.

BUT it wouldn’t even work on that Thorn she would just jump away as I told you.

My teleport doesn’t help ■■■■ if I’m not able to keep track of my target because it is over my head.

The fov is a problem because Thorn can easy look down at me while flying and tourn her character as she likes, flying over my head, to have me not looking at her.

Man im sorry for my bad english… I hope someone would finaly understand the problem with this mecanics.
Maybe it’s only a thing that bothers melee only chars and only a few of them but it is there and it’s not fair.

The reality is that Thorn might very well be the strongest pvp character in the game currently. Most people are just using her very incorrectly thinking she is a pure sniper. She is extremely versatile and has few counters. Once all the rage about Gal calms down and more people become proficient with Thorn you will see a lot more complaints about her.

The thing is every character has some sort of annoying ability. I hate getting stunned/knocked into the air/ silenced when I play thorn. I have yet to kill an Isic player as thorn, and I maintain a pretty good k/d ratio most times. Sure thorn can jump around like crazy, but her primary attack is inaccurate and slow, I can’t hit anything reliably with my bow when I’m jumping around. It’s how thorn can survive in tight situations, and it doesn’t always work. If the other team is paying attention, I get stunned as soon as I land, then I usually die. Also, I have learned who to avoid now playing as thorn, Isic /Renya/Kleese/Atticus are ones that always seem to give me problems. These players kill me more than others, so as Thorn, I avoid them, keep my distance and will only engage them if I have support. I had an Oscar mike that did not have a problem shooting my health down as I jumped around. When up in the air you are completely vulnerable to long range attacks. Whoever is your long range on your team should take that opportunity to whittle Thorn down.