Battleborn AI Discrepancy

I would just like to see if something can be done about balancing the AI in private matches. My experience so far has been a resounding fail when it comes to the AI on my side where as the opposing team seems to have zero issue working as a unit, healing, navigating the map, etc… Examples:

AI team member standing in a corner doing nothing.
AI team member dry humping a crystal for 10 minutes
AI team member wandering around in the background
AI team member running into three enemy BB with 10% health just to die… over, and over, and over, and over.
AI team member trying to fly over a 30 foot wall rather than going around it. (I am looking at you Caldarius)

Meanwhile the opposing team will all gather together and run as a single unit insta gibbing every member of my team the moment they come into sight. I also notice the opposing team always has a healer where as I am guessing the game assumes you will always be the healer because our rarely gets one. I mean, you didn’t want to play any other character than Miko did you? They also immediately bug out at 100mph if they start to get low on health.

I will give you one, thing. You guys have Overwatch’s AI beat hands down as their only ability is to spawn and run into Bastion in one repeating conga line of “Who wants Play of the Game” but let’s still not be ‘that’ game. The opposing team has an amazing AI. Can we please just have that one? That would be super cool. =)

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i was killing them all with miko is quite depressing. i heard it was on their list but im sure they have many priorities DLC packs, characters, bugs, pvp maps.
(Oh and they don’t go to break your sentries and stuff so you know just build a turret and gg :ok_hand:)
Did they change bots from beta at all? :mask:

Just watching the bots during respawn is like being witness to some insidious military mind control experiment. My favorite is when they get really close to an enemy capture point, think “Okay! This is great, almost there! Now to protect my fantastic position” and remain motionless in view of an undefended point for the remainder of the game.

Strangely enough, as OP says, this disorder really does seem to affect the player team more acutely than the enemy one.

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Like this you mean? :joy:


That’s beautiful. The random lunge at the end especially. You defend that square meter of the base, Galilea, you clever thing!


I think that was her trying to hit the little shard on the ground! Drunk Gali loses depth perception hahaha



This enemy Caldarius Bot just decided to float in this general area until killed, stuck in some weird animations. It’s a shame I didn’t get any video because It was quite hilarious. I’d say the enemy AI isn’t any better than the teammates.

Here’s also a friendly Toby, stuck in place, desperately trying to get moving. You can do it, little guy!

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No, it’s true, enemy AI is just as bad.

In playing meltdown matches, friendly AI charge minion wave spawns with 10% health.

in incursion, ally bots with run around in useless triangles around thrall spawns.

Also, no ai bot will push lane with you unless it’s meltdown. Otherwise, they’re stuck in some stupid shard gathering racetrack loop.

Private match AI is just… stupid beyond belief.

That’s the one thing you see over and over. A whole team ‘of mine’ including minions, MX Bot, Thrall, team mates, all running past the turret in the middle of Overgrowth and NOT ONE OF THEM attacks it…duh.

Ghalt is pretty bad, he seems to want to hang out in the middle Thrall camp running into walls. I had one game where I thought he rage quit early on as he was 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 in stats. But no, he just spent the game running into a wall :smile:

It’s this behaviour that’s easy to pick out bots in real PvP games. I’ve seen a number of bots on my team over the weeks.

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Ghalt seems to be extra buggy compared to most got bugged most of my games.
Meltdown whenever he went to return to base for hp he would walk into the ship not in it, INTO and he would stay that way. I would go to push him out nope back into the ship. :kissing_heart: Kiss the ship ghalt.

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