Battleborn All Character Themes

Hey, my name’s Cobble and I’m making character themes for each Battleborn! I’ll update this thread as more are made. Below, you can request a Battleborn.


Awesome work! Can you make Miko’s theme next? Thanks.

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I have finished Miko’s theme! You can watch it here:

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I demand that you make a caldarius theme, actually no, make a Lordofon theme please. ehhh thanks pal

Who’s Lordofon?

i’m lordofon, the coolest kid on the block

Phoebe plz <3

Thorn theme as requested. Next one is Phoebe!

but you skipped Lordofon… why? :cry:

Here you go!

Amaziiiing :DD thanks alot!!!

are you purposely ignoring Lordofon’s theme? do you truly want a taste of my pummeling punch??? you’re cruising for a bruising ryan cobble grey :sunglasses:

you asked for this…


this is genius, the way you capture the essence of my profile and all that dood, you are the real anti-normie, you are the NEGA-normie, but you made one mortal mistake, that’s not a theme, this is more of a review of my profile, a proper theme song would be
anyways thanks for the effort, i feel honored that you have replied to me in such an amazing video, keep being cool kiddo, great moves ryan, keep it up :sunglasses:

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I’ve been busy so I haven’t been able to get themes done. However, the Caldarius theme will be done today.

It’s up! Battleborn Caldarius Theme! Remember to leave a like!

Shayne and her leg rock monster theme?

I’m no longer making these since there’s an extremely low demand for them. But I will be making other Battleborn videos!

Oh. Ok.

That’s sad, these are pretty good. I would’ve also liked a shayne and aurox theme, oh well. Either way, great job on these, very well done. I think listening to a theme while playing a character (though I usually just try to find a song i know that fits the character) really helps when playing sometimes, especially if you just fall out of tune with the character and aren’t playing as well as you could. For instance I play disciple’s “321” when playing benedict sometimes, because as a southern metal band they gives a benedict feel, especially with the whole “3, 2, 1, I’m feelin’ everything’s about to blow”

Again, fantastic job (the lack of damand is because battleborn is kind of a niche game at the moment, honestly. Lower fanbase, lower amount of people to request)

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