Battleborn and 5 Battleborn Heroes Rated for Huggability

I haven’t seen this featured here yet, and I think it’s kind of adorable, so, here. What’s your top 5 huggable Battleborn list?

(I might know some lists in advance. And Toby is NOT cute :smirk:)


I honestly dislike the OX box guys a little but because of their history with Battleborn. They did some pretty distasteful stuff in terms of talking about Battleborn. In this video, they were hyping up Battleborn, saying it was cool, ect. However, in their later videos (Battleborn that have no place in an FPS, among others), they hopped aboard the hate train for Battleborn and whent full steam on the Overwatch hype train.

Very distasteful imo, they just bandwagon hopped for publicity. Doesn’t really give them a lot of credit in terms of honesty… although they do produce some good content now and again.

I have no comment on that since I haven’t watched any of their other Battleborn stuff. Though I saw their “no business in an FPS” thumbnail. Which features Benedict. I bet Drogoz (Paladins) and Pharah (Overwatch) are just fine? Lol.

But I still think this one was cute, and even if you disagree with the video guys, you can still have a list of the most huggable Battleborn, right? :yum:

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Yeah it’s a good video, I enjoyed it :+1:

It’s 100% possible to enjoy things despite not liking their creator.

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Oh boy… Looks like 'Ol Cam is gonna have to keep an eye on this thread, and make sure that people don’t mock The Destoyer…

My list:

  1. Orendi.
  2. Orendi with a different skin (like… Someone else’s ACTUAL skin, not a color palette swap).
  3. Orendi disguised as not Orendi.
  4. Kelvin.
  5. Orendi with just two arms.

1: Toby is so huggable he’ll hug you twice, even if you don’t want him to.

2: Reyna, she got cake.

3: Orendi, stole Reyna’s cake.

4: Phoebe, she pretty.

5: Kelvin, nothing more huggable then an ice golem.


Writes @legendoflink2288 on “list of people who will be missed, who foolishly mocked The Destoyer” (yeah, it’s a long list name; big whoop. Wanna fight about it?)

Also, i find it strange and amusing that i ranked Kelvin higher than you, haha!

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I like that cake. Lol

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This may sound unbelievable, but I think we’ve had this discussion before. I’ll see if I can find it

Found it. And it briefly popped up in the best roommate thread. In general, my answer would be Miko. The hug would feel really weird but I’m pretty sure I’d be healthy for the next few years


Not if you’re allergic to mushrooms like me :disappointed_relieved:

You want me to die, Epic? Huh? Is THAT it?! Actually, they just give me crippling, thought-shattering migraines, but my point still remains!

…I think. Anyways, thanks for leaving Toby out of this cute-discriminating thread. Glares at @reliikki.

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