Battleborn and Battleborn Tap not linking?

I’m trying to link my shift accounts between my ps4 and my Android device to unlock the battleborn tap rewards into my ps4 version of battleborn.

My ps4 copy of battleborn is linked to shift, I was able to get the welcome rewards, and the beta challenge rewards, but I do not see the battleborn tap rewards for the golden orendi skin.

My Android version of battleborn tap is signed into my shift account, my Google play is linked into my shift account.

When I try to sign in with my SEN account that says it’s not linked and not signed in, I keep getting a message that says “this platform I’d is associated with another account”

So please, can you help me find a solution, so I can get the enjoyment out of both games?

I’m experiencing the same problem, it also hasn’t recognised that I played the beta so I didn’t get to unlock a character or get the Elite title. Atleast these problems are mostly cosmetic and don’t hurt gameplay

Very true.

It’s only titles and skins and such. It’s not a major concern.

But it’s still something I’d look into just because if I put my time into something, I’d like to reap my rewards

I’m Experiencing a similar problem as well. I created a shift account on the main game after its release and got the Miko, Benedict, Issac, Shayne&Aurox skins; but the game hasn’t recognized that i linked it to TAP so i haven’t received the Orendi Skin (which is especially disappointing considering i MAIN her) and it also doesn’t seem to recognize the fact that i played the beta either so no unlock key or an elite title.

I’m hoping something can be done, i was seriously looking forward to that skin. I exited and re-entered the game on a couple occasions to check and see if it merely needed time to register it within the shift side-menu under “Extras” but nothing as of yet… When i first attempted to link it it kept telling me there was an error and to try again later… which i did, to no avail, so i uninstalled the app to try again. This process was repeated 3 or four times till i finally gave up and started just playing the TAP game to ease the tension, (not bad btw, kinda meh when ya get the hang of it but its pretty good for a freebie) I just want the Orendi Skin at this point. I have the season pass so the other mess (title, key) don’t matter much to me…

Same here man, I’ve been trying to get that Orendi skin since the second the TA thing popped up on battleborn, and just the same thing happened to me. I got an error saying can not register or something along those lines a bunch of times and always had to uninstall and reinstall to try again, that was the first frustration. -_- then i submitted tickets to BOTH 2K and Gearbox, who both “resent” the skin , and in my shift account now it says its there…but…its…not…there…>=( i didnt think a skin could ever be SO frustrating .every time i go to play the game that little notification of the TAP APP and the gold orendi skin just Taunt me…really kinda ruins the game for me…but the Overwatch beta is out so Ill just play that :wink: haha

Don’t have any idea for it.