Battleborn AND Overwatch

Wait! This isn’t what it looks like!

This isn’t a thread comparing the two games - that’s been driven into the ground more than an obese sarlacc. Instead, let’s take a moment to recognize the triumphs and pitfalls of both games and see they both can become even better games.

Have you played (or obtained) both games? What do you enjoy about them? How do you think both games can improve? Should there be only one? Why or why not? Why doesn’t Overwatch have a Toby character? Why doesn’t Battleborn have a Mei-type character? Why does Bastion keep getting Play of the Game? What Battleborn do you think would make a good fit in Overwatch? Et cetera, et cetera.

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I played them both and own just battleborn.

Here are some quick positives and negatives of both games

-Lack of content
-Gosh darn toxic community
+Game is polished AF
+Great gameplay
+Huge player base (Its blizzard ya know?)

+Great community (just look at threads and the mods are great people)
+Game is unique and fun
-Battleborn is rough around the edges

  • Poor marketing causes low player base (I have faith in GBX)

Anyways, Ive seen bastion videos on youtube, he is a strong character but I feel like the game is still new and people will figure him out. He’s like our Rath, He will burn down people in seconds which will make you think hes OP but once you figure him out Rath becomes easily to deal with.

I like both games but I only could afford one which I choose battleborn. Eventually I will own Paragon, battleborn and overwatch.

I own both and play them both regularly. I like overwatch because its a lot faster paced. Let’s be honest. It’s just team death match WITH an objective and it’s fun. A premade can lose just as badly as a group of randoms.
I like battleborn because I LOVE games where you level up and apply skill or stat points. On battleborn you not only get to apply 10 different helix points but you also level the character up and unlock more helix options. I also like that you can apply gear to slightly increase a characters effectiveness. Overwatch has much better support characters (healer-wise) and I love good supports! All in all it depends on which friends are on because I really enjoy both games

I like both of them and i don’t regret any buying. What i love at Battleborn is the Campaign. I wished there would a better Storytelling etc, also for me most Bosses etc are way to similiar(that different bossfights are possibly showed us as Example World of Warcraft), i hope they will fix that issue with the upcoming DLC Missions. Also Battleborn is more Moba like, and since i’m a huge Moba-Fan, i really enjoy the Game. Yeah it have more Content, a lot of unlocking things, like Characters, Helix-Mutagenes and Equipment, however even though i find it cool as well, it is also a big flaw for me if it comes down to the Competitive Spirit. Competitive mostly means equal starts so everyone have the same chance to win. However this doesn’t apply to battleborn. Someone who have more Characters unlocked, have more variety in Teambuilding. Someone who have Helix-Mutagen, have access to more upgrades, so this alone can be the reason why he outplay you. The same applies to the Equipment. Of course i don’t forget after awhile, most of this points go away in fact - after you played enough of the Game, also i thing there would be some People who claim that the preperation which you do before you start an game, is part of the Skilll etc, however i dislike the Idea if its all about competition, that someone have an advantage only because of his playtime, not because his very own skill. So overall Battleborn is for me the more Casual-Experience. I mean because of more mechanics, its a bit harder to get into, however after the first steps, this things also can compensate for bad skill.

However Overwatch is simple, and easy to learn, but hard to master. After awhile if you played enough, you see how high the skillgap is. If you play alone with Randoms, against a Team who have a good coordination, you will get destroyed. You really have TO master the mechanics, characters etc, and you don’t have anything from outside the game which can compensate your very own skill. So for me Overwatch is a way more competitive as it is battleborn. Which also have the downside, that unlike Battleborn which can be fun to play, overwatch can be very frustrating, if you don’t have an 6er premate Team. Randoms can frustrate you, because they mistake this Game for an Deathmatch Game, while the mainfocus are the objectives. Of course killing enemys is part of that to, however i can’t tell you how many times i lost an Match, because some selffish people are more up their K/D Statistics than to play with their team and win an round. Also a bit of downside of the Game is, because its so focused on the Game itself, the unlocking etc is very simple. This Lootbox-system encourage you to not focus on one character, but moreover to play all. And thats a big downstep as well a positive thing, because if you are someone who loves to focus at one character, master him and unlock things for him, this is clearly the wrong game. You have to couterpick or adapt to the certain situation, and that fast because rounds don’t last very long.

Overall for me is Overwatch more the Game which gives you quality and Battleborn gives you quantity. If you want an Game which is competitive, smooth, fair and focus on that things, whichs seem a bit more wellthough and polished, than Overwatch is the better choice. If you want a lot of Content, Unlockables, Modes, Campaign, battleborn is the better choice. Artstyle-wise its up tastes. I prefer Overwatch over Battleborn, because since my childhood i’m a huge Disney/Pixart/Dreamworks fan. Also (FOR ME) the Characters of OW are more symphatic as well interesting. However i also like the cartoony look, and like Borderlands the Battleborn Characters are really badass and funny! I wish both games good look, and hope we will see more from Battleborn and Overwatch!

Also, something which i love from both of them. They aren’t free 2 play. Really, its refreshing to get Games where you actually can unlock everything and don’t have to buy for stupid skins etc.

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I’ve experienced the exact opposite of this (not dismissing your experience or saying it doesn’t exist).

I own and play both quite a bit. I didn’t play in beta so I can’t say how the community was there. I’m level 38 or 39 in Overwatch and I haven’t been in a single game where someone has cussed me or another team member out or have just gone ballistic or harassed the team/teams. At most there have been a few people who have said ‘worst team ever’ and then left. I don’t see that as being toxic.

In Battleborn I’ve experienced way more negativity with players than positive. I have 300+ hours in Battleborn and more times than not someone on the team just goes nuts and complains about how bad a player someone is, name calling, swearing, intentionally body blocking, surrender spamming, etc.

I love and enjoy both games. However Overwatch seems (from my experience) has a nicer community. Additionally if you find toxic players they give you the ability to report them and mark that you don’t want to be in matches with them in the future. Or, if you find an awesome player you can mark to try to be matched with them more frequently.

Just my opinion. Both games are awesome.

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Well how can Overwatch improved probably can be discussed in their forums. Not battleborn.

However if Battleborn can be improved in just the collision part it’ll be an awesome game despite of all the other minor stuff.

I honestly haven’t noticed this “toxic community” in any match I have played on Battleborn. Most people are either completely silent or polite. Not saying it isn’t there, just that it doesn’t show up in every match. I even had an enemy Rath give me tips on Thorn since we kept running into eachother :slight_smile: . People in PvE have been mostly helpful, sometimes impatient but not annoyingly so lol.

The main reason why I have not or will not buy Overwatch is because of its community. I have seen nothing but trolling, overzealous “recruiting”, and flat out dumping on Battleborn either on its own social media pages or on the simplest tweets people make about enjoying it. I am aware that not everyone is like that, but I would rather not support a company or community like that.

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Awww… puts the forks and spikes and torches back in the closet :frowning:

I played OW during Closed beta from November to about February, where I couldn’t see anything positive in the game anymore myself.
OW lacks game modes, diversity, balance as far as I’m concerned, and actual “content”. I hate that they tried to lullaby us into forgetting about the lack of a story mode by serving us those poor-man Pixar cinematics and comics. Also, I feel it’s way too consensual and directed at asian-culture-loving nerds, and I felt the character design was too much all over the place. In a typical Blizzard fashion, I felt it was courting the “masses” by trying to look cool but not committing to “too much coolness” or engaged humour.
I felt it lacked unity, in its Art direction. I felt its universe was bland. I felt nothing was really inspired.

You won’t find a Tobby-like character in OW because such a character, and actually most of the cast in Battleborn, goes out of their ways to be irreverent, almost trash. It’s that specific Borderlands humour with degenerated scientists, redneck birdmen, insolent and spoiled brats, rich robots hunting the poors, semi-crazy water monks, human-hating IA, jaded villains, swearing adorable penguins… A ragtag team of unlikely partners, thrown together to save the world.
And you won’t find a Mei in BB for the same reasons. The cute chubby little asian scientist girl ? God, in BB, she would be either a swearer, a drinker, or have no regard whatsoever for life or something like that. She would HAVE to have a very strong personnality flaw. :slight_smile:

In a way, Overwatch would be like Kung-fu Panda, a very well done movie using ages-old tropes with consensual story and humor to keep it accessible to kids and adults alike, while Battleborn would be Rango - kind of a bizarre entry in the animated movies world, not as polished as the others, with unexpected creatures and an unlikely hero, probably flying under the radar because it looks so weird, but what a great story and end result !

That’s only for the background and art direction part, though, and already I’m not pleased with OW :stuck_out_tongue:

As for the rest, well. I somehow hinted at my issues with OW above! Lack of content, why the hell would they tell a story on the side rather than go the extra mile and tell it in the game, lack of really different game modes, integrated shop despite what I feel is already a very high price at 40€, unbalanced ( imho ) characters ( you mentionned Bastion PotG yourself, that’s not a coincidence :stuck_out_tongue: ), and overall a quickly boring experience. I could explain how I feel that Benedict is a way more balanced character than Pharah despite being the same kind of characters with the same gameplay concept, but that post is already taking too long to type and read :smiley:

Battleborn cons ? Its community. Or, rather, its player base. People not playing the game, incapable of understanding the simple notion of objectives, quitting or idling when they can’t get a surrender as soon as there is a 20 points gap in their defavor. A pretty clunky interface, especially for gear. Bad matchmaking, obviously. No real way to track and keep friends directly inside the game, meaning you can’t try and stick to a random group for a while, which would actually hasten the queues.
Overall, Battleborn is way less polished than OW, even if I wouldn’t put “balance issues” in the mix.

How could both of them improve? Well, really, I think OW would still need to be finished. In the state it was released, I have that impression it’s still only a skeleton of a game, which could have had so much more to offer. For me it lacks incentive to play long term. I still can’t forgive Blizzard for not including a story mode. And Blizzard should stop that arrogance they’ve been bringing to each of their creation since about Wrath of the Lich King. They should start again questionning themselves and their choices rather than pretending to know what is better for the players ( “you think you do, but you don’t” video, seek it out on youtube - or how Jay Wilson treated players during Diablo 3 development ).

Battleborn ? Well, polish, polish, polish. And they should have advertised more. Maybe they could have pushed that PvE mode further, I’ve been quite sad to see the two first missions where the most inspired ones. And it lacks continuity, like we get to Rendain “too fast” and frankly a bit out of nowhere. Give us a better UI in the menus, improve matchmaking, put options to report idle or unpleasant players, find a way to “save” a match when someone leaves mid-game, improve those damn legendaries droprates, find clever-er lore challenges. The heart of the game is solid, there is content and things to do, but it’s crushed below the weight of its terrible polish that makes newcomers think ‘what the hell is THIS?’

disclaimer, just in case :
Of course when I present things like there were the absolute truth, it’s only a way to express my very own opinion. I’m not looking to antagonize anyone [else] with the way I perceive product X or Y. It’s just how I felt, based on my life experience :wink:


Aside from Bastion I’d be leery of seeing any Overwatch-style characters in Battleborn. The issue I have with Mei is (as has been illustrated by numerous artists all ready, including the official concept art for her) she’s actually quite thin under the coat. She’s a little bit stocky but she has a voluptuous hourglass figure.

You have no body positive women in Overwatch. And the men are all certain kinds of … ah, how to put this? Very faux, perhaps even insecure, masculine power fantasies. You don’t really have any properly effeminate men. I think that the people responsible for Overwatch’s characters have some… uhm… shall we say questionable? Yes, questionable perspectives as to the nature of gender and gender identity.

And there’s really no wiggle room to get outside of that laser focus they have on those perspectives. So all of the men and women are designed in a… let’s say a certain way that isn’t very appealing to me. That’s the reason you won’t have a character like Toby, Toby exists outside of their understanding of what a character can be.

If I would improve anything in Overwatch? I’d take Kaplan off it as lead designer. He’s always had… again, how to put this politely? Very regressive views and opinions, which aren’t compatible with my own. As such, if I were in charge, I’d find someone more progressive and have them redesign the cast.

This is pretty much the primary reason I haven’t played Overwatch. I’d want more than one character I could play, and I’m only really into Bastion. I don’t think with just that one character it could really hold my interest, so I haven’t bothered. That’s where I think Overwatch could learn from Battleborn.

I’m not sure what Battleborn could learn from Overwatch as I haven’t played a whole lot of it, so I don’t know how to comment, there.

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ehhh my thing with overwatch is i dont like how they have micro transactions since when both were comeing out so many people said they wouldnt even spit in bb,s direction if they had them it seems like everything people wanted bb to not do they didnt but with over watch they did it anyway so for me that really shows who wants to work with their community