Battleborn and pvp

yes- the game is new and fun! the imbalance matches are ok for now on steam.

but once the novelty wears off- this is just bad development. the matches are bad and will get frustrating. a game developed around pvp nowadays is just bad decision.

the devision, LoL, Dota2, eternal crusade, and now overwatch with so many others, the market will be saturated with too many pvp games and the bad ones will be stand out.

lets hope more pve comes into the game and they fix pvp imbalance matches.

So many pvp competitive games are coming out precisely because it’s a genre that is very popular and successful nowadays.
My favourite genre is coop, but I can see how competitive gaming is and will be even more popular than the rest.
I predict that in 10-20 years, we will see as much esports on tv than football nowadays.

Pvp is very much what people want how many people play cod for the single player story?
There are single player games out there that do very well eg fallout but many people do like pvp and its what keep people playing hell even elder scrolls made a online game a desprite its rocky start is doing very well for itself.
I dont agree with the bad pvp game its not 100 percent balenced but other than gal and maybe a few changes to some characters its not far off. The balence is lots better than overwatch.
Maybe its a different story on console as most team are randoms and not full groups like on pc (from what i hear but thats not even unbalence thats them working together and the other team is not this isnt call of duty you cant take on whole team by yourself.

iam talking about PC.

its always been an issue with other mmos as well. thats why i feel that this game basically focusing on pvp will be bad for PC.especially when there is a huge imbalance with match making. iam aware alot of the gaming is taking place on console atm.

maybe itll survive on console then. but us pc users are not very forgiving when it comes to pvp.

I thought they was matchmakng or it was coming as least is not based on you rank though or even your kd is based on how well you do eg if you kill a better player your rank goes up if your killed by a worst play your ranked goes down.
They could add a party matches and non party matches as well

They are adding more PVE maps as dlc and more characters to play pve.

Also they have already done many balancing of characters and they are continuing to do so.

Out off 25 characters we really only have one stand out character that is OP with Gal and she is being addressed, we have maybe 3 on the weak side leaving 21/25 pretty well balanced.

I really don’t think the balance is bad its just so new that the balance of players is yet to be made but that is coming as well.

Matchmaking will also have a sort of fix. I think they’re going to see how well you do and fit people accordingly.

good to know!

-its a great game and a chuck full of fun characters!

I not sure, but I think they were talking about matchmaking issues, not character balance. I agree with you that character balance is really good for such a large, diverse roster.

There are balances every week