Battleborn and Rage quitting

Something needs to be done. It’s infuriating finally getting a good team of randoms and then the enemies all start quitting.

We can hardly ever get an entire game going and it’s annoying getting to level 3, then the match is practically over, and then starting all over again.

I was thinking late join, but that would just make people quit more because you aren’t able to come back from a huge enemy lead…

Maybe supplement with AI bots in MP? The only way the match would end is by getting to 500 or having players vote to surrender?


5 players - Majority vote to surrender

4 players - Majority vote to surrender

3 players - all 3 players vote to surrender

2 players - both vote to surrender

It’s really the only way I see this gettin fixed.

This isn’t an issue with surrender mechanics, it’s an issue with matchmaking. Good teams will almost always beat bad teams, and very good teams will destroy bad teams. I don’t blame them for quitting at all. This game is on track to die within a month. All it takes to win is a medic and the more powerful melee characters. That’s literally it.

Well, it’s hard to adjust matchmaking by skill because most situations are situational and what not. I’m a god with marquis if the frame rate doesn’t plummet to 0, but there have been matches where I get very few kills and a couple of deaths.

I like the surrender mechanic, but it’s annoying because I hardly ever play a full match. The way the characters are built and getting to level 10/good gear it’s so irritating because your characters start to kick arse after level 5 and there are a LOT of matches where you can’t even get there because the enemy team gives up because you can’t come back from a huge loss. Then there are times when your team is horrible and you can’t do anythin other than sit there and die.

“because most situations are situational” lol.


He is just pointing out that “situational situations” is a funny tautology, lul.

Yeah I know, pretty sure it was like 3 or 4 a.m. when I posted that lol

This game will have very competitive high end play. The issue right now is the lack of a ranked system. With a rank system in place, there will be quit penalties and closer matches.

Why ranked isn’t out yet is beyond me.

I am all for a bot immediately spawning when a player drops.

Yeah. A bot isn’t ideal. But at least they can push up with minions. Better than being down a player completely! Maybe not the ideal fix but could be a good temporary solution.

Think I’d rather have bonus experience or shards given to the remaining players rather than a Bot feeding kills/exp to enemy team.

I don’t think they should do rank purely based on the fact that people can just make alts in order to drop other peoples rank. Not only that, but there are some good low level players.

Plus, the game as it stands is SUPER ■■■■■■■ laggy. I’d rather have a good connection than someone who might have a couple more kills under their belt per match.

I’ve had literally no lag. And you can’t really make an alt on Xbox. Ranked games would do nothing except make games more competetive.

I say lag because it only seems to happen in competitive multiplayer. It’s really annoying. I am a god with marquis but I can’t play him because the game stutters every time I aim down sights. It’s sooooo annoying. My potential can be so much better but any time there’s a fight either the framerate drops or it’s lag.