Battleborn Animated Series Petition

Gearbox, some how, some way you gotta make a cartoon series of battle born. It’ll be so bad ass!! I am sure the fan base agrees.

Petition below heroes!


I’d rather they get rid of the bugs, fix inconsistencies, and deliver what they promised to people who paid $75, before they spend money on anything else.

What’s more, I disliked the cinematics and don’t understand what’s so good about them that the same part of it needs to be replayed over and over when I start a mission.


Dude the game Just been out a month. I wouldn’t want to recieve DLCs after a month.

A nice little sound, an animation and art style that takes by surprise in this world of esthetically similar looking, devoid of personnality, redundant 3D-CGI cinematics : Battleborn introduction totally took me by surprise and it felt good. They really know their sh!t when it comes to making nice intros ( ala Borderlands ), but here, there was that extra mile of going 2D which was visually super refreshing.

Should they do an animated series? No idea. It wouldn’t hurt the actual dev and fixing process since it would be entirely different teams that would work on it, but money would probably an issue. Since they clearly got different people to work on that intro and let them express their own art style, maybe they could get away with an Animatrix / Batman Gotham Knight kind of animated series : short films with art direction different from each others.

ps : I agree it gets old to alway see the same clip in PVE though, maybe they should have used different clips randomly, or maybe just pushed things a little further and made a very short clip featuring what will actually happen in the mission.

2D animators work on bug squashing a 3D game? I’m sorry, but I’m always vexed and amused by this notion, that the same handful of people are working a hundred different jobs and that if you take one person away from those tasks, those jobs won’t get done.

Instead, it’s actually that they have as many people as they have tasks. They could put together an animated series without impacting the team’s potential to work on things even <0.1~%.

Aw, you got me! I forgot you don’t have to pay the studio and its animators.


Not a fan of the animated sequences in Battleborn. It looks very low quality to me despite some of the tech used. I really like a lot of the lore and story so far, but if an animated series came out using this style of animation, I’d never watch it because it would be more annoying to look at than I would enjoy the story.

I can’t help but think that the people who enjoy this style of animation are just so starved for anything different that they can’t recognize how ugly, low quality, and half-a**** it appears to most people.

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There are things as “personal taste” or “personal opinion” - Many others enjoy the graphics while alot of others do not. They have a different taste than you, not more or less. Theres absolutely no reason to make such a insulting and judging post.

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Some of the styles are clearly of lower quality, but the Thorn and Rath on the bridge and Caldarius-propels-Rath are really neat. With a bit more money, that could really get amazing things. All those deformations and camera angles… Very nice work !

You paid 75$? maaaaan I paid 94$ v.v’’ (Canadian)

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Yeah… that is your opinion.

It seems most people disagree with you. I’m in the camp that most people seem to be in, which is that they are awesome. I love the animations. My brother-in-law is an animator and graphic artist (but not at all a gamer). When we had them over for supper last, I booted up the game just to show him that first animation. He was extremely impressed, and even though it is long, and he has no idea who any of the characters are, he wanted to see more.

Just because you don’t like it, it does not look horrible.

so Sorry, but objectively speaking, the animated sequences are not absolutely horrible. You just don’t like them, which is fine.

This is also just your opinion. Both are just opinions.

I think it’s fine to not like a particular style of art.

That doesn’t make it bad. It’s a matter of taste, is all. Suggesting that a differing opinion conflicts with the nature of reality seems a huge stretch, to me.

Please show a little more respect, and much less dismissal, of opinions that aren’t the same as one’s own. Thanks.

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Personally not a fan of it either…I preferred the art/style in the beta personally.

This one reminds me too much of that 90s MTV cartoon Aeon Flux, which had the ugliest characters/animation ever. That’s just me though.

Nope, not just you.

Aww Aeon Flux was really incredible! I think comparing BB intro to it is quite the compliment. Or at least for these specific parts with Thorn and Rath, the rest was indeed not as well done.

The Aeon Flux movie with Charlize Theron was quite a letdown, though.