Battleborn animated webcomic

Short to say. It’s awesome.


Looks cool. I get giddy whenever I hear Chris “Mister Torgue” Raeger speak.

Nice! I need to give the pages a minute to load lol

I think I actually would have preferred it without the voice over and not a video. But hey, let’s see where it takes us

Yeah, when I saw “webcomic” on the Twitter post I saw, I assumed it’d be some panes with pictures and text but no sound. Maybe they did video because it’s faster/easier to consume since not everyone reads at the same speed or is even familiar with how to read webcomics?

If you use the link provided by the OP, it’s an actual Webcomic. Not the video posted on the Battleborn Youtube Channel.

Oh wow, i don’t know which I like more, they’re both awesome! Looking forward to the next episodes.

Hmm. It still comes up as the video. Maybe it’s a mobile thing

Ah, maybe.

New Chapter:

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Nice! Good eye I was hoping for the next one.