Battleborn Anime Mini-Series

As for those who played through the story mode, we see that the prologue and the final mission had anime like cutscenes that were admittedly badass. So my question is WHY didn’t GBX, make an Anime Mini Series of Battleborn and post it on their website and/or Youtube, instead of adding story missions that weren’t even connected to each other (except for operations, those are awesome), anyway, it could’ve promoted the game very well, what do you all think?


I think that it would give me a reason to watch t.v./anime or anything again.
It would be nice. They could choose to follow one character or a group of characters for the story to mainly revolve around. Everyone gets screen time of course.
We can only hope and dream.

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I still think Shayne & Aurox need their own saturday morning cartoon. Show could be about their jobs and lives as rogues. Plus, we’d finally get to see the Detritus ring. (And maybe the happy lorrian?)


They made a mini comic series you can watch

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The motion comics? There aren’t enough of them!


I would love a whole anime on them, have them partner up with rooster teeth maybe (but keep animation of prologue and have gearbox writers for story with rooster teeth helping on story and action)

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I’ve already watched them awhile back, but I’m talking about a anime-like series that takes place after those events and the prologue.

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