Battleborn Anniversary Special Event?

I tell myself “have a drink and be awesome” or course!

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This game survive because of its community.

But, I don’t think it’s the community that should initiate the Battleborn Day 3: WE MADE IT!! ONE YEAR ANNIVERSARY EDITION

We should and will help, but not start it. Not this time.

2K and Marketing left us in the dark. How fitting.

Looking foward Thursday.


Of COURSE Gearbox doesn’t want the servers shut down! Just look at how much love and effort they have put into Battleborn, despite the “i’m selfish, and only want you to work on Borderlands like you’re GOOD at!” crowd. I applaud them both for taking a chance with Battleborn, as well as for SUPPORTING it when it didn’t do as well as they had hoped!

But the decision ISN’T up to Gearbox, and the party it IS up to has a history of abandoning games that don’t produce enough of a profit for them… That knowledge, the complete lack of new skins and taunts since the last DLC dropped, and the general silence from the devs since around the same time, has me paranoid that they were told something they didn’t like by said party, and are in a depressed funk. I could be wrong… I HOPE that i’m wrong… But the response-rate from the devs has been night and day since the last DLC dropped, and it doesn’t look good to me.

That being SAID… I fully trust that the devs would make that announcement WAY ahead of time, and give us all enough time to cram as much Battleborn as possible!

Agreed though, i shall not poop on this party any longer; i wouldn’t even have replied, except that i just wanted to clarify that i don’t think the devs want any harm to come to Battleborn in any way, shape or form. My heart goes out to them, because it isn’t easy trying to please all of us, or seeing the media bash something you love. Hell, it’s hard for ME, and i didn’t even CREATE it.

I think i’m going to send them a fruit basket…



Please don’t take this the wrong way, my friend, but if you’ve been worried for a while that BB is nearing the end, why do you s very rarely play it anymore?

Same reason as @MidnightNova: Depression. It’s no secret how much i love Toby, and playing him with the knowledge that he is going to die with the game is painful to me; it’s why i drink when i DO play with you. It may sound pathetic, but i don’t care. I’ve invested a staggering anount of time into portraying Toby on these forums to make others laugh; so much so that, in a way, i become him every time i do. Watching him die would be like watching a part of myself die. Therefore, i’ve been sticking almost exclusively to the forums, where i can keep Toby alive; i have no control over what happens to in-game Toby, and have detached myself from him to lessen the pain of losing him.

I swear, having the devs announce that they are making even just the story WITHOUT the Ops offline-compatible would make both 2016 and 2017 for me… Because then Toby will live on.


I’m sorry you are going through that, but my main reason was that it would be in vain to keep playing if PvE won’t become local, instead of server dependent. Until late last year it did severely impede my ability to enjoy my hobbies, however.

This, I can see myself in, if with Beatrix. And if the game goes down completely… yeah. I’ll miss her alot. It’s saying alot that I place her above Gaige as my favorite character created by GBX.

+1, if again, Beatrix for me. I adore her.


Yeah well, I don’t even care what happens to Mellka you guys. The only thing she loves is the bottom of the next bottle. No number of drunken midnight apology texts will ever change that.

Also, she’s kinda mean.


0_o…umm…had a hard separation?


I have an official announcement.
Dang it, the other person in my head stopped me!

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I know. It’s so sad ain’t nobody else ever gonna look this good.


So…your milkshake brings the Battleborn to the yard? :smirk:

I demand a “BB-B-Day Podcast” with Benedict, Toby and the RP-Crew.
Make it real @Benedict_87 @HandsomeCam , pretty please!


You’re INSANE if you think i’m gonna work with Benedict!


Well, maybe I should just ask, or bribe, Ernest ( @nbrownlie237 ) and then he´ll make you work together for our amusement. MUHAHAHA!!!


You rang for a fat bird?


That’s the one.

Side note: I sound nothing like Ernest. Ernest with a New Zealand accent would most certainly be interesting.


New Zealand fits perfect, you have alot flightless birds!^^ Maybe Ernest is a pink Takahe or strange-beaked Kiwi :grin:

Could pay in vodka, just saying.


If you need the "snap to parade ground voice"I can offer my assistance, but it would be less gruff than Ernest.


I’m excited for next week. Even if we don’t get some sort of special event, a reveal of an upcoming update, or the update itself, I’ll be playing and celebrating with my group of friends. A whole year of badassitude!


I’ve been working on a little write-up about my relationship with Battleborn and its community that I plan to post on the anniversary. It’ll mostly be about how I got into the game and tagging a few of the people in the community who have really added something to my Battleborn experience. OK, so it maaaayyyy approach tl/dr territory…

Anyway, I’d love to see some of my fellow players share some of their best Battleborn memories from the past year. Call out the people who have made the game special for you, be positive, and come together as one of the best communities in gaming.

Then on May 4th we can all go back to fretting about the future.


“Then on May 4th we can all go back to fretting about the future a disturbance in the Force”

Much more appropriate :wink:



MIKO-WAN-THORNOBI: I sense a great disturbance in the Force, as if hundreds of Battleborn players were cut off all at once!