Did they change that? I could’ve sworn I was able to put a shield on Miko with a gear.

Perhaps I should have been more clear.

There are no items that belong to the Eldrid faction that have +shield stats.

You can still, however, put shield items from other factions onto Eldrid characters.

Update for all those watching this thread.

Data is completely fleshed out for:

  1. Primary Effects
  2. Secondary Effects
  3. Conditional Effects
  4. Negative Effects
  5. Most Min-Max Values for Primary, Secondary, and Negative Effects
  6. Iconization for all the gear for all the rarities (common, uncommon, rare, epic, and legendary)
  7. Dynamic Character-association of gear loadouts (yes, you can associate your loadouts with various characters and then that loadout will appear in the character’s section)

Currently Working on:

  1. Complete Legendary Item List
  2. Character Legendary Item List (including sources for items) - 90% done

Up for debate:

  1. Adding ad-driven monitization ONLY to support the hundreds of dollars I’ve put into this project already. I’m thinking about doing something just like Gearbox and having extra inventory space & loadouts being permanently unlocked by watching an add. That sounds reasonable, right? As such, what should be the minimum number of characters/inventory slots/loadouts that should come with the app pre-ad accessible? How does 10/50/5 sound?

This is correct. If you want +Shield related stuff, don’t get a Eldrid packs, get LLC

I love all of the ideas I’ve seen so far!
Idk if someone else has said this but I’d love something where we can save our skill tree selections for each character. I switch characters frequently and often forget which skill I like for each character (left/blue, right/purple, or middle/green). I know we all hate trying to read/remember the choices in the heat of battle.
I’ve started using scraps of paper that are numbered 1-10 and drawing an arrow to the left or right or circling the number if I like the mutation option. Such a pain…
Oh! It’d also be awesome if we could make more than 1 for each character for example:
“Galilea Story Mode” and
"Galilea Versus Mode"
Something clean, bold, and easily understandable would be great so that we can just glance down during the game and know which one we want to pick.
Please make this happen! :smile:

This sounds fantastic! also, if you’re looking for a list of datamined boss drops, this is what we know, most if not all of th drops have beeen confirmed. The idea of certain drops only occuring in advanced makes sense but is kinda hard to prove, with such low drop rates. That’s what the OP of the thread said he learned while datamining though.

A Visual Guide to Legendary Boss Drops

if you’re just looking for the picture, it’s right here now has lists for alll known leegendaries too, and you can check that out, right here

Ok, so I had to take a break from the Battleborn app in order to develop a scorekeeping app for the 2016 Chinwoo World Championships (just think Olympics for Kung Fu). Very cool. Very done. The scorekeepers used tablets to track changes in real-time accross 9 consecutive rings.

Anyways, that burned me out a bit (a TON to do in 1.5 months), but I’m back on the app. Here’s a recap of where it is & what’s going into the first release:

Current State:

  • Itemization is nearly up-to-date, just need to update a few more legendaries that changed a patch or two ago (all legendaries have been added)
  • Search is awesome, you can filter by negative & non-negative conditions, factions, primary or secondary effect, rarity, etc.
  • The ability to add items you find to loadouts is well underway. That way you’ll be able to keep track of all the cool loadout ideas you have had & associate them with characters & keep them forever
  • Cross-update content saving / retention is now in place. I can now update the app and you won’t lose any configuration data (kinda important)
  • Source section will let you discover what gear drops from what boss at what difficulty level. All the legendaries have sources.
  • Added comments on certain legendaries based on trial & error research to address common questions (ex. Executive Insurance Plan only procs when your shields regen to full, not set to full via a Kleese rift & have an internal 20 second cooldown)
  • I’ve added quick-codes to each item so that you can actually SHARE your loadouts with people!!! The sharing mechanism via messaging, etc. is a todo, but at least you can type out the short code and they can SEE what you’re talking about. Eventually, I’ll get lodaout sharing enabled and on the forums we’ll have a “rip-roaring good time” - Boldur


  • Dropped the Ad monitization - at this point I’d rather not gum up the app if it helps Battleborn succeed in attracting/retaining their player base (it’s a great game when enough people play it)
  • In order to get global item sharing to work on the forum (i.e. graphics, etc.) I’ll need to upload the images to a public AWS S3 bucket with special content protection. I’m in talks with Gearbox about if I can actually do this, but there has not yet been any pushback on it. What this will do for the app is allow us to share loadouts INLINE on the forum - which will be SUPER COOL
  • WAY WAY WAY later I’ll do a helix app, but let me finish up the gear one first. Besides, I just this week finished leveling every battleborn to 15 and finished all their lore except for Pendles - i need 3 pendel slapps, oops (will get that next match). Public sites don’t share the Mutations so I’ve had to grind them out. PLUS they change a lot so the work is tedious… if only Gearbox PAID me to do it <HINT, HINT, HINT>

Anyways, LOTS to come. I’ll very likely push this out into the public space BEFORE all these changes are in it so you can start using the search engine. So, I’m shooting for a release at the end of the August. I hope you all are ready.

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here’s a lot of the info you mentioned

the character builder is a bit out of date, but it has gear info in there as well that’s been accurate as far as I can see

good luck on your efforts!

Yep, all those sources have been incorporated long ago. I have all the Min-Max values for all possible items in the entire Battleborn gear database.

The thing with the helix is not that the info isn’t available, it’s just that making an app that compiles, saves & shares takes time, especially when we see the helix trees still in motion (Alani’s helix was messed with & that would have broken people’s saves). It can be brittle, which is why most data you see online is out of date. Lastly, the web-based helix builder is sharable, so technically it’s already addressing that need (as awkward as it may be)

My contacts at Gearbox will likely entertain an app that integrates with the player’s account once the player base grows a bit. I’m sure they’re very interested in that concern atm.

Yep, I’m trying to build the Character Builder using the raw data pulled from the PC version to make it easier to push updates (since in theory it should just be a matter of running an update script and everything will be updated), but that requires a good understanding of how such systems work and when you have 27(28) characters on the roster, that require checking about 30 different Skills/Augmentations each to make sure they are working as intended (that’s like 840 things!!), the amount of work involved can be mind boggling.

There’s actually a lot of dynamic interactivity that happens as you pick your augmentations and this isn’t reflected in many online helix builders or character bios. Right now for instance I’m trying to figure out why Miko’s Ult is displaying the alternate description when you activate the “We Are Many” mutation by default (the default description doesn’t include the dealing damage over time to enemies bit).

@Xaravingian I saw your project a while back, but I think the approach I have gone with (for the sake of having accurate information that can be maintained with less of a catch up time when a big undocumented update drops) goes against the rules you have set for yourself. I have always assumed if I do something that has crossed a line, they will let me know about it (I have no issues with taking down information if it is deemed a determent to the game or the devs). But I know the stuff I have put up has helped a lot of players enjoy the game more than what they could without it, which has put me in a place where I am possibly helping and harming (hopefully more of the former) at the same time. :sweat:

Yeah, I had to go with a reverse-engineered in-app item generator because there are nearly 9700 unique items in the Battleborn Gear Database. That’s a freak-ton of typing, so I had to go with the generator and a few other shortcuts that don’t affect the quality of the app (stat increments for instance & price : stat ratios).

It’s sad I got distracted on this app, but had to pay the bills. Would have had the app out a few weeks after launch if Gearbox had given me the data like I had asked pre-launch…

Oh well. As for pushing out data, I think at this point they’ll accept whatever help they can get from the community.

Lastly, I’m looking forward to you app, too!

9700 items? There’s shouldn’t be that many…Unless you are including Meta Items (Taunts and Skins)??

There are 9326 possible item combinations. This includes negative augmentations and non-negatives, common through legendary. I’m not counting different % values as different items, just effect/stat combinations.

Not sure how you are getting that many, unless you are assuming each faction makes an item for each type? In the current sandbox, each faction has some gear types they don’t make which when you take out of the pool, should dramatically drop that number, but even then, it seems quite high since there are actually only about 780+ gear definitions in the game right now (this includes flawed versions as separate definitions) :confused: I think I’ve done some infographics before that show this, will see if I can find them for you. But yeah, that is a lot of items :open_mouth:

Found it.

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You are forgetting that there are a lot of factors that go into gear once you have factions including:

  • Negative Effects
  • Rarity (Common, Uncommon, Rare, Epic, Legendary)
  • Conditional Effects (ex. After Critical Hit, When Shield Depleted, etc.)
  • 21 Gear Types (each gear type applies to 4/5 of the factions)
  • All that together is a Cross Product (i.e. you multiply the variations together to come up with the combinatorial maximum - which is the nearly 9.4k items)
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21*4 = 84

84*4 = 336

Since there is one flawed item per non flawed item for rarities common through epic you just multiply by 2.

336*2 = 672

This is exclusive to uncommon, rare, and some legendaries. But since the conditional effect is tied to the faction of the gear, this doesn’t increase the number of items. I.E. a rare Rouge attack damage’s secondary effect will always be activated for 5 seconds after scoring a critical hit. It will never be anything else. The same goes for the negative attribute, it will always be a decrease in maximum health for that gear piece.

There are 21 gear types with 4 legendaries each, plus the currently 28 character legendaries. Legendaries also currently can not come with negative variations.

672 + (21*4) + 28 = 784

So 784 gear pieces total until new DLC and characters are released. Unless you are accounting for all the variations of the pieces of gear with their min and max stats, as well as every possible stat in between, along with the weird occurrence where gear is one shard cheaper than it should be at times (although I think you said you didn’t) I don’t personally see how you have that many items.

Sorry if I’m stepping out of line here, I’m just trying to follow your thought process.

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There isn’t just ONE negative type per faction. For instance, if you have Jennerit gear it could have Corroded (negative Damage Reduction), Erratic (negative Reload Speed), or Unstable (negative Recoil) associated to it. Each faction has 3 to 4 possible negative stats.

Lastly, you STILL are not taking into account all the Conditional forms of which there are 20 (e.x. “While Shields are Depleted”) and each of those is assigned to a faction with the possible 3 to 4 negative stats. You just added 28 to the equation which only accounts for the “Base Stat” conditionals (Reload Speed primary with a secondary Reload Speed on Reload, etc.) That’s entirely incorrect.

Yes, there are indeed thousands of possible items in the game, nearly 10k

Correct, there is not only one negative effect per faction. But there is only one negative effect per faction, per each type of gear.

For example you will always find a Jennerit shard generator with the negative effect of “- reload speed”. You will never find a Jennerit shard generator with “- damage reduction” or “- recoil”.

First off the 28 I added was the number of current character lore legendaries. As shown with my description I had before hand, that was in the same section in which I calculated that addition.

And on the conditional effects, I explained that only 3 gear rarities had them. I also explained that these didn’t matter in any way, and thus never contribute a multiplier to increase the number of items in the game.

For example if you find a blue/rare LLC max health item it will always spawn with the conditional effect of “+ maximum health while shield is depleted”. It will never spawn with the conditional effect of “5 seconds after a melee”, “after surviving 180 seconds”, “60 seconds after respawning”, “60 seconds after killing a major enemy”, “5 seconds after picking up a pickup”, “10 seconds after killing a minion or minor enemy”, ect…

So if you ever find a blue/rare LLC max health item in game it will always be one of two options.


or with the negative effect


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As @khimerakiller has said, secondary “minor” skills will always be the same based on Faction+Type+Rarity.

So like LLC with AttackDamage as the “major” skill has 9 possible items where the skills are set and you cannot roll anything else other than the quality of the roll.

  • Flawed versions will always have -MoveSpeed
  • Uncommon Minor Skill is MaxShield after buying a buildable
  • Rare Minor Skill is AttackDamage after taking shield damage
  • Epic Minor Skill is MaxShield
  • Legendary is the Pacifier

It’s a vastly simplified system compared to Borderlands, which makes ot easier to track down gear with specific skills you want on them.

I can do up a grid if you want. :sunglasses: