Battleborn As An Old-Skool Shooter?

I’m only interested in Battleborn for it’s campaign play. I’ll certainly be playing co-op, with friends, but I also want to play solo. I can’t find any SP gameplay on YouTube. So, I’ve been thinking about how Battleborn might play in its single player mode.

My personal view is that Battleborn isn’t really a fully-fledged FPSRPG. The various forms of levelling and mods are great but they aren’t as character defining as a traditional RPG skills system (Borderlands, Fallout or whatever). Take out the bells and whistles of the Helix et al and what have we got? I reckon it’s an old-skool shooter!

Collection of discrete, diverse maps. Check
Linear levels. Check.
Gear reset at the start of each level. Check.
Primary objective is to get from one end of the map to the other. Check
Loads of enemies to kill on the way. Check
Health and shield pick-ups. Check.
End of level boss fight. Check.

That sounds likes an old-skool shooter to me. And that suits me down to the ground :slight_smile: You do have character skills instead of the usual array of guns but the result is the same. The only things missing are “secrets” and perhaps they’re in there but not featured in a video yet :slight_smile:

Given my view that this will be a traditional shooter in SP, one of my main concerns is how many maps will be included as part of the campaign. Looking through my games collection, for post-Quake, old-skool games, Painkiller has 24 maps; Doom 3 has 26; NecroVisioN 11; the Shadow Warrior reboot has 17: Serious Sam BFE, Hard Reset and Dead Effect all have 12. If Battleborn ships with 15+ campaign maps, it will be a “must buy” for me.

Is anyone else interested in Battleborn as a single player game? How do you feel it’s going to play? How many maps do you expect? I’d be interested in your views.