Battleborn at Gamescom

2K Games will be Gamescom ( Hall 6, booth #B10/11) and they have plant some news to be released this week. So get ready for 4 new heroes to be unveiled.


Want to know more about these heroes before they’re fully unveiled at the show? Tweet at @Battleborn or comment on our Facebook post with the hashtag #Peacekeepers, #Eldrid, #Jennerit, or #Rogue and tell us which character you’re most interested in and we’ll start revealing them early!

From the looks of it the following heroes are Benedict, Mellka, Ambra & Reyna. For more info on these characters check out the list below. I assume their profiles on the official battleborn website will follow soon. There’s also a link to the main forum discussion if you want to go in-depth on a specific hero. And if you like reading & speculating i also added a link to my website with some early analysis that i did a few weeks back on these characters.

Benedict (Peacekeeper)
Official Profile* - Forum - Early analysis

Mellka (Eldrid)
Official Profile* - Forum - Early analysis

Ambra (Jennerit)
Official Profile* - Forum - Early analysis

Reyna (Rogue)
Official Profile* - Forum


OMG! Benedict!!!
the **** is about to go down!

WAIT!?! NO ISIC?!?!! :frowning:

But they already showed us him, i wanted to see more about him :’(

Looking at the official announced cast:

3 Eldrid
2 Jennerit Empire
2 Peacekeepers
2 Rogues

So i think they needed to swap the Eldrid for a LLC character. But @Jax_Rift i hope this helps ? Finished writing it yesterday

I’m going to Gamescom and i already had a hard time choosing which hero i would pick from the 10 in the E3 demo. Now they are adding 4. I need more play time!

Cheers! will read that on my Lunch!

But if i could make it have to say i would play Caldarius or Benedict! :wink:

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Are they only showing off new characters? dang

New characters , a new demo, so a new mission ?
well at least that was the case with BLTPS last year.

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I hope they just show multiplayer, they’ve shown the same thing a million times. sad boy ;-;

Can’t say im that upset about no ISIC as Benedict is the one im most excited about! Caldarius still fits my play style the most but depending on how Benedicts Flying works he may just be the character to make me swap from Caldarius!!

(obviously i will play all the characters when the games out :stuck_out_tongue: )

Characters, characters and more characters…

They’ve said multiplayer gameplay is coming “Soon” for quite a while now.

So hopefully it’s at Gamescom.

Hey @MentalMars

Just wanted to say love what your doing here! and the whole site is brilliant ! Keep up the good work!


Is it me going Colour blind, or Benedict’s Rocket Launcher got a different Colour scheme?

Pitchford’s interview at Gamescom today

  • new environment at 4:10 and 5:10
  • beta confirmed at 6:17
  • benedick play at 6:49
  • mellika at 8:40
  • reyna at 9:47
  • he says launch date will be announced this week

OMG! Benedick is awesome.
Randy is hilarious. :grin:

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I’m watching the TI5, so i’ll watch the video later, but i just stopped to look at Benedict’s gameplay.
Flipping nice.
Now i need the full Helix, and more details on his skills… And a Beta access (Because i won’t be able to go to Gamescom…)

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Battleborn Releases February 9, 2016

For the Gamescom Trailer follow jeff

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ALL YOU NEED TO KNOW (oke almost)

Read about the new characters, the loot system & hands-on


Well written, truly =)

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Wow. sounds like you had a great time, i’m jealous.
Did Caldarius’ double jump make it easier to manoeuvre around enemies or more confusing?

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