Battleborn at PAX Prime 2015

So, Battleborn is playable at PAX Prime, Booth #1214 with what I think is the same Demo that was available at Gamescom, featuring the 10 first playable characters.

As well as this, there will be the Inside Gearbox Software Panel which will also be streamed live on the Gearbox Twitch channel or the Battleborn Twitch Channel at 4:00PT. Battleborn will most likely make an appearance, unsure as of yet if there will be any announcements.

P.S. Not sure if I’m allowed to post this? Just didn’t see one yet, and wanted to start the HYPE!

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It should be the same old demo, that is what has been told atleast. Hopefully and most likely there are some news on Battleborn in their panel =)

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#Battleborn Closed Technical Test Announcement: GO! :smiley:


There should be a way I could sign up for multiple platforms. I have an X-Box One and a PS4, and I’d do either one, whichever they needed people on. But I can only pick one.

create more accounts
one for each country, language and platform :wink:

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The photo of me in the chair was filiming video answers to the community questions! Great fun!

Hope the Panel was entertaining for you guys. Not a lot of information, and things kinda went off the rails there at the end.

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Not everyday you are part of unexpected wedding ceremony :blush:

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Called it !

Entertaining YES ! Brothers in Battlelands LOL.
Don’t know what you guys planned out but there was some new info.
Maybe you guys should do a live stream where you can skip the intro and go a bit more heavy on details.

For who didn’t see this during one of the slides :wink:
One of Marquis’s alternate skin



I saw that, think me and you in chat started to have a nerdy moment together as we both noticed it.

While I actually think this is not a skin, but merely a way of differing the players, (Say there are 2 Marquis in your game, you would have 1 of them be white. That also alludes that every character will have 2 colours on launch.) it does mean that alternate skins are an option. Not announced yet, nor do I think we will have many of them on launch. But still, awesome.

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Well they did draw inspiration from fighting games. It’s pretty common that there are multiple colors to choose from in those games. So a few basic colors would make sense, but what if we both wanted that one level 10 unique skin ? What if all 10 players have the same skin AAAGHHH.

But isn’t it that teammates will have their name above their character so you can recognize them as so.

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I can just feel the Sexual Tension in that picture. Is it just me?

Well, you could have player names, but it would be easier to use different colours. Ease of use.

Just wanted to thank everyone for making the chat in the Gbx twitch channel last night so cool. This is still a marvelous community. It’s bound to grow as BB releases, I’m confident we can keep the happy/friendly/funny/helpful spirit going.


Well, most of the ‘Plebs’ were in the PAX channel :wink: But yeah, it’s a nice, cosy small community right now. I am sure it will grow up into something a lot bigger soon, but if we keep it feeling like it does now :heart:

Battleborn based on a true love story

For everyone who missed the Panel !

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@Jythri Was just live on the front page of Twitch interviewing for PAX. It was awesome, and there was some amazing little tid-bits dropped here and there! Gonna try remember as many as I can here.

Battleborn was ‘Built with competitive in mind’, not focused on it but it was very much kept in mind from the start. I love this idea, it’s smart but not as gung-ho as people who make games FOR esports.

Tournament play was talked about! (I literally had my eyes glued to the screen for this, I NEED TO BE THERE.) GBX wants to support tournament play if the playerbase wants it. (Trust me, I want it.)

The gear system was talked about. It will be procedural generated gear for the most part, there are some things that will be dropped specifically for Story mode. They will be Story Mode only items, as they are more about making the game fun but would make an imbalance in competitive. Things such as ‘Smart Bombs’ were mentioned.

Customisation! There will be skins, in a recolour kind of way. But not just this, you can also customise what Taunt your character has it seems! I cannot wait for Benedict to make a ‘Baawwk BAWWWKK CHICKEN!’ noise while flapping his wings. Please.

Twitch 45:35 / 02:09:06

When I get the time, I’m gonna go through that and take a note of everything that was mentioned.

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