Battleborn at Pax

Ign put up the video so I assume that means its fair game

I’m going to watch now, enjoy everyone


To be honest Ill reserve my opinion of this til I see the finished product. Going to take quite a bit to sway me from borderlands.

I cant wait to play this game…

And the only thing going at this pax is the handsome collection which to be straight up honest I have no interest in titles that have been ported over with no new content, ya Ill be looking at other stuff there this year no offense but unless its BL3 details they are passing out the ideas for the stories or the dlc details for in the mind of claptrap, just have no interest and thats my feelings on it.

Sadly no new Battleborn intel on Pax East 2015 :frowning:
They did mention during the ‘inside gearbox panel’ that there will be news soon…

Meanwhile Blizzard has revealed 2 new characters for Overwatch…

To be honest it really doen’t look like my type of game,maybe on sale for ten bucks I might give it a go

I’m not sure yet. But the video that showed 20 minutes of gameplay looked pretty awesome. It showed them playing the coop campaign.

This discussion panel video is neat. I’m only 20 minutes into this video so far. They definitely seem passionate about it. But it’s hard to tell much about gameplay with this one so far.

I agree it did look interesting and can’t wait to see reveiws,I try to keep a open mind,for instance I originally thought BL wasn’t for me,how wrong could I be

Stat wise I knew Borderlands 1 was for me as long as it was fun. Artstyle didn’t scare me away or particularly attract. And it certainly was damn fun! And hooked me. Definitely will check out Battleborn.