Battleborn at the top of this week's UK charts

As we say in my birthplace of Roma and my hometown of Gualdo Tadino.

CENTANNI to you and yours mate!

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Tu ne devrais pas désespérer pour la communauté francaise, certains francais ont su avoir un bon sens critique, j’ai retrouve le plaisir de jouer grace a battleborn. D ailleurs tu peux aussi m ajouter pour duteamplay

For the non french, I only said battleborn is a pure jewel. No point to compare him to overwatch, 2 différent games in my opinion but what about others charts ?

Battleborn is a ton of fun and I hope it’s around for a long time. After the disappointment of the Overwatch beta it could just happen.

Sales figures ending week 2 however are not so posative. Battleborn is tracking 22nd on PS4 and 25th on XBoxOne and not surprisingly no longer in the top 40 for PC.

In every game except EVE the official forums are less than 1% of the actual playerbase…