Battleborn: Average New Player's Experience


This… this is a problem

No. This is one person’s opinion/experience. Is there any point to your post?


I’m new to Battleborn and having a blast with it. This isn’t the least bit representative of my experience thus far, and sorry, but the guy talking in the vid sounds like an imbecile.


Weird I don’t have this problem on xbox at all.

If i wait more than 2 minutes I restart the queue and it works.


As XBox-player I never experienced any of these issues, never takes longer than 3 minutes to get a team.

To generalize one personal bad experience and proclaim its “the natural condition” is not very helpfull. It seems the maker of the video had a bad experience, but I don´t see its a general issue on XB1.

At all it would be very nice if your post could be more than a link to a negative vid about bad MM in Battleborn.
So far this topic seems not to lead to anything positive or any real discussion.

Consider to read the Forum Rules for some orientation and info about creating posts & topics.

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Looks like he never played orendi before he is terrible not the game lol

Nyahhhh, though the mighty Forum Rules formost prohibit bad talk about fellow members I don´t think its appropriate to insult the vid-maker.

Maybe it was real his first game. But even then: Every start is rough. A beginner will have problems and he´ll have to learn. To put “the blame” onto the game seems just wrong.

Its important to keep in mind that we have to learn in order to get better.
If I want to master playing the violine I´ve to exercise everyday over years. It won´t get faster if I blame the instrument for the process that lies before me.

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Complaints about the queue times are blown out of proportion IMHO. However, theres no doubt this game is not friendly to new players for a variety of reasons. Many players wont stick with it when first experience is bad. Over two million played the beta, would love to know the percentage of those that bought the game.

On console it’s doing fine though pc i hear it’s an insufferable time waiting in que. I am enjoying myself greatly with the game

The PC queues haven’t been that bad, but the reason they haven’t been is because they relaxed the matchmaking restrictions, resulting in matches that were frequently uneven.

So, they tried to give people the option to prioritize speed or match equality, at the expense of dedicated queues for each mode. Some people are not happy with that decision.

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Its 11 pm on the west coast and I can’t find a casual game on Xbox during the summer. Just saying…

Edit: Queue pop after 5 minutes


There is a point to this topic; based on personal experience and seeing friends and other players on the opposing team I know for a fact a lot of new players have been having difficulty learning and enjoying the game which in many ways has a deep learning curve when compared to other competitive multiplayer games.
My point is that gearbox has not done much to subsidise this steep hill new players have to cross to get to a place where they can enjoy the game, specifically in pvp.

Before you say it, yes I am aware that gearbox forces every new player to play the prologue before being allowed to play the game and that before every match the commentator explains the objective of the mode you are playing; but in spite of all i’ve still seen many new players (and some not so new) play like it’s team deathmatch completely unaware of what their role is or what their team is doing. Underleved and outplayed the rage quit and/or surrender before the match ends because they have no idea what’s going on or why they’re losing.

The point I wanted to get across is that Battleborn can be a complicated game with a lot of moba like elements and concepts (a lot more than I was expecting) in the game that could be more clearly explained/taught to new players. A perfect example of this based on my personal experience is: what is cc? I had no idea and nothing I found in the game explained what those two letters meant and why I should care about its duration. Another one is what’s the difference between a assassin and skirmisher or what the heck does territorial mean. These may seem like ridiculously simple questions to you but that’s my point entirely, there’s a gap of knowledge that the game needs to fill so that new players can readily enjoy the game and see it for what it is; before leaving because its a “confusing” and “boring” game.

I think just something small like a glossary would go a long way to mitigating these issues, but in the long run I think what the game really needs is a tutorial that comprehensively explains the goals and objectives and ins and outs of each competitive mode to new players so that everyone knows why destroying buildables and team composition matter so much to a match.

You could argue that the youtuber was bad at the game or didn’t know how to use orendi but i’d argue that it isn’t his fault, its the game’s fault for not making it clear what standing in an aoe will do to your health or what orendi’s role is. I know what a pusher is now but at the beginning I had no idea what it meant.
A toggle-able how to play in each mode description from the command screen for each character would go a long way to fixing this issue.

When you’ve heard people say things like “What? L2 with Miko heals!” I think we have to admit there may be a underlying problem somewhere.

Lastly, I am aware a lot of you, maybe even most of you never had any of these problems. You probably turned on the game picked a character and have been winning every match since and to those people I say more power to you; but not everyone is as; intelligent, experienced, charming, intuitive, handsome, and just all round preternaturally talented as you are. So please if you could give the new guy a chance to learn what the heck is going on it would be nice.

Remember: Every game is someone’s first game.

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