Battleborn: B Tier Bouldur

The is written and tier selected by Dr_H0H0, for the full tier list, BETA Battleborn Tier List (FINAL)


Boldurs ult as gone from being okay in the CTT to one of the best in the game. he starts out pretty slow since all of his sustain and shield tanking ability comes from his helix. Although he doesn’t deal a lot of damage early game he is pretty good at slowing and knocking up/stunning people into walls while being able to tank a bit of damage with his shield. After hitting level 5 he becomes much better as his sustain sky rockets with the ability to heal 50% of damage dealt to his shield. His axe can also deal some decent burst if you wait for the cooldown on his ult since he can double up on the aoe thrown axe damage. with the correct helix choices he can not only run at full speed with his shield up but also slow the enemy with an axe slow + his fists while receiving a speed boost. With his runes up on his shield i would say he has the best tanking ability out of the whole cast with his immense sustain and damage soaking ability. After he hits level 10 you can either have an unbreakable shield or a huge damage boost to his basic attacks with the axe. Overall Boldur is a great addition to any team although he suffers a bit early game he easily redeems his self with such a strong late game presence.

Tank and Initiator.


  • Fantastic late game.
  • Best sustain among all of the tanks.
  • dash that can stun or knock up depending on helix choices.
  • Really high movement speed after a kill and when his axe is not in hand.
  • 30 second cooldown on his ult.
  • Really high damage on his axe melee upon hitting level 10.
  • Can run at full speed while his shield is up.
  • A Dwarf (added by dwarfurious and ssfjustin)


  • His dash is his only escape and Initation early game.
  • Cannot heal nearly as much if his ult isn’t up.
  • Relies on his shield for sustain and tanking.
  • Pretty bad early game since he requires his ult to truly shine.
  • His axe melee needs his 10th helix to really pump out good damage.

Good Match-ups

Caldarius, EL Dragon, Marquis, Montana, Rath, Kelvin, Whiskey Foxtrot.

Bad Match-ups

Ambra, Kleese, Benedict, Ghalt, Phoebe, Orendi, Oscar Mike.


I’d like to add a few things.
Pros: Is a DWARF god damnit. Has a very unique ultimate mechanics that really stand out. GREAT personality.
I wouldnt also say his dash is his ONLY escape, throwing the axe away means 30% movement speed for quite awhile. Can also rely on Rage for sustain/tanking and by level 9 he still has +36% bonus axe damage.
What are the match ups? Good to be on the same side as or against? Because i dont see Miko !

I’d like to think of you as a dwarf in real life…with dwarf accdent and all…if this is true, Can I keep you?

Everybody can keep me. In their hearts. <3

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Against in a 1v1.

I felt like the rune ultimate lacked a very good explanation of what it did aside from modifying his other skills, can anyone more experienced explain how they work? Does boldurdash use up your shield rune?

Yes, and only the shields rune.
It applies Rune Power to your Axe and your Shield. Your Axe passively deals 18% more damage and your shield heals you for 50% of the damage you block. This is passive and constant UNTIL you use your related active abilities. So if you use Boldurdash, it spends the shields rune on the extra explosion damage, so it wont heal you anymore, but your axe has its own rune still, until you throw it, consuming the axe rune and adding an explosion to it.
Its a really interesting ultimate even though it kind of boils down too “makes your skills go boom”
@ssfjustin just a tiny little sidenote… Technically only Boldur and ISIC are classified as ‘Tanks’. Weird huh? Maybe the classifications are meaningless at this point though.

This is true, Attikus is suppose to be a brawler and I can’t even sustain myself in incursion

I’m pretty sure Montana was listed as a tank in the CTT but my memory isn’t always reliable with these things. He certainly has the hp pool, hitbox, and damage reduction of a tank despite lacking the title.

I love Bouldur. People think because he’s slow and has no shield he’s weak and so they chase and I just lead em to a turret and put my shield up for easy kills. Late game with all the right upgrades and some equipment he just regens so much he’s extremely hard to kill. You can just start sitting in the lane and they can do nothing to push you out.

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Honestly I found One of Bolders worse match ups to be against Montana for the reason he is hard to kill and he has to be right in his face. Also Ambra is one of his better matchups as her life absorb does minimal damage to his shield and he can technically block her almost all day until you get in position for a shield bash.

Also it’s true that boldur is dirt slow on start up, but he gains a little speed at level 3, but as you said level 5 is where he really just shines.

Also you can put out amazing damage with Boldur before augment 10. Just stack him with as much attack speed as possible and you can take out almost everything, AND NEVER GET RID OF YOUR AXE! You will either put out enough damage to take them out with one shield stun boldur dash or survive long enough until they are dead with melee strikes, which usually opponents retreat

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I also feel that Bouldur counters Ambra, she can’t lifesteal while bouldur is blocking.

Agreed on all points but I do want to add i noticed once Ambras started to get smarter, they woud drop sunspots behind my back while I shielded which got her free damage.
After 2 of those Boldur has to start really wondering wether he can get the kill or turn around and go heal.

Hes easy to ram though, and his weapon overheats which gives Boldur an advantage in the long run, especially if hes blocking for the duration.

Yea but usually Smart Montana’s will Shoulder charge you away from them and go for the stun and critical hit’s when their gun is starting to overheat. Trying to close the gap is really tough unless you have the boldur dash that pops them in the air. Out of all the tanks I found Montana to be the hardest to take out as boldur, next is Toby.

Squishy toby? weird.

Yea it’s mainly his range and the mine. If a Toby feel he is about be engaged by a melee he will Arc mine and get behind a shield and start charging a blast. Once he sees you engaged in a Arc mine he then blasts you while your shield is down. If you try to engag Toby he will usually float around the Arc mine until help arrives. By the time I’m fully engaged to do damage I’ve sustained enough damage to where if anyone where to engage to help Toby I would lose the fight so I usually just retreat. He is a pain to try and take out as Boldur.

You can dash through the mine and shield wall right?

Yea i believe you can but shield bashing through results in one of your main escapes, stun trap options, and could ultimately push your opponent away out of melee range if you connect unless you get the launcher augment. Usally a smarter Toby will dance around mine anyways or retreat until safe again. He so hard to KO