Battleborn: [B] Tier El Dragon

This review was written by Dr_H0H0 and tier selection by ssfjustin, for the full tier list: BETA Battleborn Tier List (FINAL)


Even after his nerfs El Dragon is still is very potent just not as much of the 1v5 wrecking ball he was. His burst is still okay but can no longer deal 1000+ with his clothesline into ult with it now doing around 400-500. After the health nerf his early game is pretty bad with his health starting at around 980. He needs to keep going in and out until around level 4 where he gains his knock up with clothesline. After he hits level 5 he can now dive the enemy team and win most team fights if his team backs him up. The aoe damage on his dragon splash and clap is amazing for clearing minion waves and moping up in team fights. His ult is such a game changer since it allows him to not only knock up 2+ people but also go right into his dragon splash for an aoe stun on them. Until he gets his 100% life leech on his clothesline he doesn’t have any real sustain which means he either has to go back a lot or needs a healer. Overall he is pretty squishy with really high damage but truly shines when it comes to team fights where he will usually win most of them if not all of them if he initates with his CC combo.

Assassin and Initiator.


  • Fantastic late game.
  • Really good sustain late game.
  • Best initiation in the game.
  • Great mobility with clothesline.
  • One of the most game changing ults in the game.
  • Really high single target damage as well as aoe damage.
  • Has good CC with his knock up on clothesline and stun on Dragon Splash while En Fuego.
  • Has GIANT robot arms


  • Pretty weak early game.
  • Doesn’t have any real sustain until late game.
  • Relies on his clothesline for initiation and escape.
  • Can be easily bursted down if focused.
  • Lost his human arms

Good Match-ups

Thorn, Kleese, Orendi, Galilea, Miko, Ambra, Toby.

Bad Match-ups

Caldarius, Benedict, Boldur, Attikus Ghalt, Montana.

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