Battleborn: [B] Tier ISIC

This review and tier selection was written by Dr_H0H0, for the full tier list: Battleborn: Tier List (Alani Tier + few new tiers)


ISIC has gone from one of the worst characters since the CTT to one of the best and most versatile characters.
He has no problem out sniping Marquis with his charged shot combined with his wards to mitigate damage.
His dash is arguably his best skill with all of it’s applications Initation, escape, mobility, and a 2 second stun.
His ult can be used to backdoor and just destory the enemy sentry especially after hitting level 10. After hitting
level 2 he can make his wards turn into a great damage dealer which is great for initation or to kill melee
characters who decide to jump you. Although he isn’t the best tank his potential to remain in the fight is pretty
high with his shield, wards, and health pool. Overall he succeeds at everything and doesn’t really lack in any
department except sustain which can be easily fixed with a healer on your team. I really think he needs to be
toned back as a character shouldn’t be able to fill any role on the team.

Can fill any roll except support/healer.


  • Great single target and aoe damage.
  • Very tanky (Has a shield, wards, and high health pool.
  • Has a 2 second stun that can be used to escape or initiate.
  • Dash can be used to reach high places on the map.
  • Ult does some of the highest dps after reaching level 10 on his helix.
  • level 2 helix gives a great anti melee option.
  • A jack of all trades character that succeeds at just about everything


  • His dash is his only escape.
  • Helpless when jumped in his ult.
  • has no form of sustain.

Good Match-ups

Just about everyone not listed in bad match-ups

Bad Match-ups

Galilea, Boulder, Ambra, Ghalt

I really don’t want him to be nerfed,so taking away one of his cons isn’t the best idea,but…

This is not necessarily true. While he moves slowly in his ult,he turns fast enough to be able to track targets,even melee that are right in his face. Now consider that he’s still a tank,so he has a decent amount of health and shields so he can’t be ambushed and killed before ha can do anything. Maybe an example will shorten this explanation:

I’m ISIC,merrily decimating every smiley face I see. Suddenly a smiley face jumps in my face and I start to take damage. I track the smiley face,take down some of its health with my enhanced DPS and when I’m down to about 1/3 health I turn off my ult, stun-dash my already squishied opponent(s),pop my trusty shields and finish the poor delusional smiley face off with a couple charged shots OR if I’m ambushed by 3 smiley faces I squish them down so they focus me thus buying some time for my team to get to me/damage enemy sentry/do whatever with 3 people not on the field and when I’m down to 1/2 health I go out of my ult,dash through them,pop my shield and wub-wub-wub Zoidberg AWAY!

In other words,the fact that his abilities are ready to use after coming out of his ultimate form, makes ambushing him pretty tricky.

I suspect,that when more players realize this and cries of OP rise, he might be nerfed so that after exiting his ult his abilities are on a short cooldown(like 2-3 seconds)

as a con in place of that I’d put his quick melee attack. The most boring, uninteresting quick melee in the game :stuck_out_tongue:

If the enemy team jumps him in his ult he won’t have enough to time to react since they will most likely CC him and there isn’t much he can do except try to dash out. If he wasn’t in his ult he could have deployed his wards or dashed and got away. While canceling his ult he has a second where he can’t do anything other then transform back so he’s open to knock ups, stuns, silence and what not.

Btw i appreciate your understanding of Kleese and how you realized how god like his late game and healing is since a lot of people can’t seem to grasp some characters potential.

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Well,of course he’s not gonna survive a 4-5 people attack, but for 3-2 they have to be really coordinated and have cc on at least 2 characters to kill him. There’s of course also things like Raths ult which will most likely kill ISIC in his ult right now. Was just saying that although he’s extremely vulnerable in his ult form being just still doesn’t always mean death for him :slight_smile:

As for Kleese, thanks for the acknowledgement! Many people cling to a specific playstyle pattern and when it doesn’t work for a character, they immediately call out the character being bad/useless. I always loved challenging/complex characters and my biggest joy is learning to play them. Not only they usually give you a very satisfying trade-off(power/tactics) for your time spent understanding them, they also give you an advantage over close-minded players when they’re surprised at how you mop the floor with them using that “useless,underpowered” character.

The funniest thing is that they can’t believe in that happening so they just charge at you again and again and again. I have a video somewhere where I hold the passage/balcony to the 2nd incinerator on meltdown and there’s this Montana and Oskar Mike constantly trying to run in on me(Oscar Mike didn’t have the angle to throw his grenade on my rifts). After they both run in over the corner straight into my rifts and died so fast that I barely noticed it happen, the lane was completely free of any enemies until the end of the match :wink: - and that’s what many people don’t want to acknowledge - if you’re repeatedly doing it and it’s failing,a change of tactics is in order!